Kids with Kites
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            Do you remember the days as a child playing on the beach with your parents?  Mom and Dad wanted to surprise you so they went out and bought you a bright colored kite.  As you unwrapped it your mind quickly envision it flying high in the air with the water at the backdrop and you and your parents smiling at it. 

            Kites are still a great gift for any child or adult to take to the beach.  Around most tourist areas there is a small kite shop to meet all of your needs.  Regardless of what type you have in mind there is one available for you.  Many new designs have come along in recent years to intrigue even the most creative imagination.  If you are getting ready to take your family to the beach this summer; think about buying kites.  This is something you can all enjoy and at a reasonable price.  Let’s discover some of the amazing beach kites together.

Calypso Kite
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1.       The Calypso II Rainbow-This multi-colored starter kite is for the kid in all of us.  Made of Ripstop nylon with almost unbreakable rods; this is the perfect flying kite.  They are easy to put together and difficult to destroy.  For most parents, that makes this kite a must-have for windy beach weather.  Its drag force is medium and even the smallest pilot will be able to handle its speed. 

balloon spinner
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2.      Kinectic Hot Air Balloon Spinner-This uniquely designed flying kite by In the Breeze will be the talk of the beach.  It features 6 panels with beautiful graphics applied on each one.  Made of polyester and covered with laminate on plastic panels makes it very weather resistant.  Don’t forget about the 26 inch curly tail that spins as it flies through the air.  This kite makes a statement which says fun, fun, fun.

Sponge Bob
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3.      SpongeBob Diamond Kite-For the little ones that love this delightful character; this kite was made with them in mind.  Made of 25 inch nylon this kite is perfect for low winds and little hands.  Your child will be pleased with your choice of kites.  SpongeBob can do no wrong.

Sport Red Kite
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4.      X-Kites XL Sport Red Kite-For the extreme kite flyer, this high performance dual control kite will more than meet your expectations.  It needs very little wind to get it going.  This stunt kite gets 7 to 20 miles per hour of wind speed for maximum fun on the beach.  Be Warned:  This is not for child’s play; it’s for the big boys and girls!

Atom Kite
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5.      EO Atom Box Kite-Last but certainly not least is the innovative EO (Expandable Object) Atom Box Kite.  This is a pop and play kite; meaning no assembly required.  With three overlapping planes it has great stability and wide wind range.  If you like kite tricks, then this kite will not disappoint you with its tug the line tumbling tricks.  They are small, durable and made for all ages. 

          Many outdoor activities can be found at the beach, but none as relaxing as flying a kite.  Whether you are a child and want your SpongeBob or an adventurer with the need for speed; your wish can be granted with a beach flying kite.  The different variations make it a toy or sport apparatus that the entire family can enjoy.  So, hit that beach running and go fly a kite!