Don't Miss the Best Beaches in Bali

Best Beaches in Bali - KutaCredit: Jimmy McIntyre - Editor HDR One Magazine

One of the most renowned vacation destinations in the world, the isles of Bali conjure up images of exotic locales, beautiful beaches and gorgeous people. By almost all accounts, the stories are true and international tourists have flocked to the beaches of this remarkable Indonesian province for the better part of a century.

While the island of Bali offers the best in Western accommodations and amenities, its most enduring features are its beaches. Each one sets a tone and mood that is perfect for a certain type of visitor. Find out for yourself and wander on down to one the following beaches:


Kuta Beach - For Laid Back Tourists and Seniors

Best Bali Beach for RelaxingCredit: Tanti RuwanOften dismissed by the locals as too Western, the beach at Kuta is definitely filled with the finest American and European luxuries and amenities. It is close to the airport, has excellent, modern hotels and a wide variety of activities to suit everyone from singles through families to retirees.

Despite is reputation as a tourist trap, Kuta retains much of its pre-colonial charm and offers some of the most pristine beaches on the island.. Admirably the melding the luxuries demanded by 21st century tourists with the unique atmosphere of 19th century Indonesian culture, Kuta Beach should not be overlooked by anyone visiting Bali.


Legian Beach - For the Family with Stamina

Between the boogie boarding for the kids, the shopping extravaganzas for Mom and a little Singha beer for Dad, everyone will enjoy the atmosphere on this most famous of Indonesian beaches. Legian Beach offers less routine than Kuta but one must be prepared to make their own fun.

Legian Beach is an ideal destination in Bali for families as the available activities are varied, versatile and very affordable. While known somewhat as a surfer’s beach, Legian is far less crowded than the neighboring beaches so activities are far more available and novice-friendly.


Seminyak Beach - For the Young and Trendy

There is no getting around the fact that Seminyak Beach is expensive. The trendiest visitors and the most “in the know” expats stay here. Still, it offers a rewarding experience if you can maintain the grueling pace set by the young crowd that dominates this area of Bali.

Mornings typically start out on the beach volleyball court where you can sweat out the previous evening’s overindulgences. Once your head has cleared, a light lunch and a drink at any number of the happening beachfront bars is the next stop. Then, the itinerary can include anything from an afternoon of bungee jumping through jetskiing to sports fishing. The choice is always yours, if you have the money.

Afterwards, perhaps another drink while you watch the sunset and, then, it’s out for a night of watching the beautiful people in the restaurants and clubs of this remarkable beach resort. Then, you get to do all over again the next day.


Balangan Beach - For the Surfers

Surfing in Bali - SurfingCredit: Jordy TheillerFor pure surfing pleasure, the west coast beaches near Kuta have been abandoned for the pleasures and excitement of Balangan Beach. Surf ‘til you drop or relax until the tide comes in. Then collect shells or hit the warungs (cafes) for some local food and beer. If you’re in the mood, build a sandcastle as the sand on this beach is world renowned for its ability to hold a shape.

The mood is always laid back at Balangan, the atmosphere comfortable and the price affordable. This is a fantastic beach for the young or the young at heart. Just watch out for the rollers and the youngsters. This is, after all, a surfer’s beach.


Amed Beach - For Divers and Nature Lovers

Best Diving Beach in BaliCredit: BernardPLocated on the eastern side of the island and far from the more popular beaches, Amed Beach is still a wondrous and naturally beautiful place. Unlike the other beaches, the sand at Amed is dark, almost black, and quite coarse but the true beauty of this destination is not on the beach but offshore and underwater.

Amed Beach is a diver’s paradise though, for the unwary, both the flora and the fauna can seriously harm you. There are a host of natural diving sites with plenty of sights to see but most divers arrive wanted to dive and investigate the wreck of the U.S.S. Liberty at Tulamben. She now lies in water from 30 to 100 feet deep and provides excellent diving opportunities for divers of all ability levels