Best Bed Wetting Remedies

Bed Wetting Remedies

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Some need for information about bed wetting solutions and the most effective way to stop bed wetting.

Step 1

The first step in finding practical bed wetting remedies is to look at your specific situation. What age of child are you working with? Has the bedwetting individual been under stress at school or at home lately? Has the bedwetting been going on for a while, or is it a new occurrence? Answering these questions in the following steps will help you determine what type of remedy is the best for you and your child.

Step 2

The age of the individual that is doing the bed wetting is very important when looking for remedies. For example, bedwetting is very common in those under age six, and in many cases can be fixed with a simple remedy such as remember not to drink a lot of liquid during the last two to three hours before bedtime. However, if the child is older – such as ten to their young teen years, this issue could be a link to an even bigger problem, like a sleep disorder. If this is the case, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible to discuss the bedwetting.

Step 3

Another way to determine some bed wetting remedies for your child is to look at their recent day to day life activities. Have things been hard at home lately, such as some added stress from a parents' divorce or the loss of a close family member or pet? The bedwetting, especially if it has recently started rather than been going on for months or years, could be contributed to these issues. A remedy for this case would be to have a talk with the individual who is wetting the bed – chances are they just need to get a few things off their chest, and once they do the problem should end itself.

Step 4

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for bed wetting remedies is to remember this – the problem did not start in just one night, and so it cannot be fixed in one night either. Bedwetting can be stressful and sometime embarrassing for younger children, so the support of their family is crucial for success with any remedy. One bed-wetting remedy that is among the most effective, but takes a couple weeks to see the full benefit is to get your child a bed wetting alarm. Most kids actually enjoy using them because they are taking an active part in solving their own problem.


Tips & Warnings

In young children, bedwetting can often occur at friends homes during overnight visits, so investing in some overnight underwear or bed wetting pants can help them feel less worried when not sleeping at home.