If you are planning on doing a triathlon then you probably want to do some research about triathlons before jumping into things. Luckily doing a triathlon is easy because there are so many great training resources available online. It's tempting to spend a lot of money on books and coaches when you first start but in reality you can learn everything you need to know online.

One of the best websites available is trinewbies.com. This website has a lot of great articles catered to beginners who plan to complete a triathlon. It also has 10 and 18 week long training programs for different distance triathlons. If you are training for a mini sprint, sprint, olympic, or half-ironman triathlon then you can find a training program for you.

Another great resource is beginnertriathlete.com. This site is probably the number one resource online for beginner triathletes. It offers a number of very helpful resources. Like Tri Newbies, Beginner Triathlete offers training programs for various distances and skill levels. You can find a triathlon training program that will cater to your particular strengths and weaknesses so you can improve throughout your training.

Additionally you can use beginnertriathlete.com to track your training. On the website they have an area where you can log all your workouts so you can see yourself progress as you move from beginner triathlete to more experienced triathlete. Beyond the training programs and tracking log for workouts and training there is also a forums section of the website. In the forums you can mingle with beginners and more experienced athletes who can give you advice and encouragement. There are lots of different levels of experience in the forums and you can learn a lot by just browsing and even more by taking part in the conversations going on there.

There are a number of other great websites and blogs out there that help beginner triathletes. Browsing blogs from other triathletes will help you learn about the sport and get an idea of what to expect on the day.

Between the two main beginner triathlete sites and the hundreds of blogs from triathletes you can learn almost everything you need to know before your first triathlon. Happy learning!