Best Bench Shoe Storage Units Known for their Space Efficiency

When it comes to shoe storage you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy attractive storage units which will organize your shoes into neat pairs. offers a massive range of shoe storage products, dwarfing all their rivals in terms of variety and best prices. When it comes to getting the best bench shoe storage units, it makes sense to start your search with Amazon. You can find benches in a range of styles and prices which will work well for you. These days people are looking for versatility to get their money's worth and they want storage space for their shoes as well as seating in one piece of furniture. They want to be able store items, put up their feet to tie laces or sit on the bench and bend down to put on a shoe. These benches are so versatile, they can also be used to put down a coffee cup or as a type of ladder to reach up to an otherwise out-of-reach spot. These bench shoe storage cabinets come in different materials, styles and colors, so no matter what kind of home decor you have, there will be a trendy shoe storage cabinet to suit your unique taste. The units can be large or small, so it is worthwhile checking out the dimensions of the item you want as well as the space you have available.

Padded Seating Area with Storage

Artisan Bench with Shoe Storage Best Bench Shoe StorageCredit:

Amazon's Artisan Bench with Shoe Storage, unlike many other benches, does not need to be assembled; you get it ready to use. The brown leather seat is comfortable, durable and stylish and offers ten shoe storage cubbies. There are also three drawers for accessories like socks, scarves, berets, belts and beads. The shoe storage bench has been quality crafted, and at approximately $278 you will get an attractive and functional storage container for your shoes which will serve you in a number of different ways.

Artisan Bench with Shoe Storage

Best Bench Shoe Storage

Artisan Bench With Shoe Storage, 42Wx16Dx20H", LIGHT OAK
Amazon Price: $349.00 $279.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 31, 2013)

Intricate Detailing Good Enough for Public Spaces

Coaster Entryway Bench with Storage Baskets and CushionsCredit:

Shoe storage benches also come in a number of material options and the Coaster Entryway Bench with Storage Baskets and Cushions is a very popular choice, because at about $238, the trendy shoe storage bench is perfect for any spot in your home, whether you have it in your bedroom or in your more public hallway. With interesting features like wicker style baskets and comfy cushions, this good looking bench with storage is a great place to stow shoes and more.   The black unit attractively 3 baskets in which shoes can be tucked out of sight. With its contemporary styling this shoe storage bench would look great in your mudroom or your entry.

Coaster Entryway Bench with Storage Baskets and Cushions

Best Bench Shoe Storage

Coaster Entryway Bench with Storage Baskets and Cushions, Black
Amazon Price: $579.58 $207.42 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 31, 2013)

Easily Put Shoes on with a Readily Available Seat

Winsome Keystone Shoe BenchCredit:

A lower priced item which is very effective is the Winsome Keystone Shoe Bench. Priced in the region of $83, this attractive shoe storage bench requires being assembled and is made of both solid and composite wood with a teak finish. The two slated shelves are perfect for displaying and airing shoes while the bench can double as a seat or even for keeping more shoes.

The best bench shoe storage units will keep your shoes neat and organized, and the beauty of the units is that they can be as elaborate or as simply elegant as you like to suit all kinds of home decor.

Winsome Keystone Shoe Bench

Best Bench Shoe Storage

Winsome Keystone Shoe Bench
Amazon Price: $115.00 $62.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 31, 2013)