A simple `Wishing You A Happy Birthday' will not do anymore. There was a time when simple messages were the norm.

People used to send a number of pre set messages to their friends and relatives during the course of their birthday celebration but all this has changed now.

Science and technology is changing the way we look at our lives and it is not different with birthday messages too.

In the good old days, the only option available for people to send across greetings messages during birthdays was via the post or via the telephone. In case you lived close to the birthday kid, you also wished him directly. All these have changed.

It is not that the personal feelings are no more present in the modern generation birthday messages. In fact they are still there, but they way they are conveyed is changing at a rapid pace.

Thanks to instant messaging or SMS, one can send across messages to anyone else I any part of the world in the blink of an eye.

During s recent birthday party that I was fortunate enough to attend, I felt pity for the birthday girl.

Even though she possessed a modern mobile phone that had sufficient space to accommodate a decent number of SMS messages, it proved to be insufficient.

Her phone was receiving messages a dime to the dozen and they popped in faster than she could reply back to them and then delete them.

Thanks also to social network sites that remind one of their friends' birthdays and the free SMS option these sites provides, sending across birthday messages via SMS more than ever before.

There are many sites on the internet that specialize in such messages and if you are a member of any such site, you can send across birthday specific messages to your friends.

These messages are from extremely cute ones to the ones that are a tad naughty. It is strongly recommended that you turn off your mobile during your birthday party… unless you want to be inundated with countless messages from all over the world.

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