Bluetooth headset cell phones provide convenience but not with the expense of quality. Yes, Bluetooth headsets are now swarming not just in the online but also in the real-world market offering high-quality sounds and convenience at the same time.

With these types of headsets, phone conversations have really been moved to the next level. Voices are heard more clearly and lines or connections are made even more faultless, thus, misunderstandings or miscommunications may not arise.

And that's not all; you may save yourself from the inconvenience brought about by bringing mp3 player and cell phones at the same time. You can just have your favorite songs saved in your handy phones instead so that you can switch from calling to listening to your favorite songs without so much trouble.

Using Bluetooth headset on your cell phones allows the smooth switch without you shifting from one headset to another. Each time you listen, sounds are also made richer thereby allowing you to appreciate the drum beats, the piano notes or the guitar sounds that make-up the musical piece.

This listening experience is made possible by the in-headset microphone and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that cancels static sounds and reduces echo.

Each set also promises convenience through the compact design that they offer. Of course you could still find the traditional over-the-head stereo headphones in the market but if you are such a busy bee and answering phone calls are the last thing that you want to do, why not go for the contemporary compact and ear bud wearing style that will free both your hands. These small pieces are also made with a sleek exterior that will surely give a classy touch.

Bluetooth headset cell phones also allows you to answer or drop calls, adjust volumes, transfer calls and redial numbers without having to touch your phone. It's not magic though; it's just the amazing built-in functions that you can access through the buttons in the headset.