When it come to selecting a Bluetooth headset, it is not enough to check out the price and the sound quality.

Here are some features of the Bluetooth headset that you may need to check out first in order to come out with a Bluetooth headset comparison that will help you decide the best one for you:

The Bluetooth version – the higher the version, the better and the faster is the transmission. Nowadays, the highest version there is the Bluetooth 3.0 (High Speed). This means that the rate of file transfer is faster than the lower version.

The weight – heavy the headset, the more uncomfortable it is. It should be no greater than 35 ounce so that you won't feel strain on any part of your ear, as if your ears will fall down. Make sure that it's compact and lightweight.

The size or dimension – this is another worthy list to your Bluetooth headset comparison. Make sure that it fits perfectly on your ear and hangs comfortably on it.

For sure, the Bluetooth headset doesn't look good when it's bigger than the size of your ear or partly covers your cheek.

The talk and standby time – the longer the talk time, the better. However if the recharging time is longer, then it's not better. But this will depend on your preference – if it is alright for you to wait long for the Bluetooth headset to energize.

The Call Features – basically there should be three call features present in any Bluetooth headset: last number redialing, call accepting and call rejecting. It can be advantageous if it has more call features as long as it is easy to handle the controls when needed.

The Voice Feature – in making a Bluetooth headset comparison, it is noteworthy to check the sound technology it uses. It should have noise and echo reduction in order to maintain the clarity of the sound of your voice while in the middle of mobile phone conversation.

If the sound is not good, then you may be wasting your money for a device that cannot function the way it should be.

Check out the additional features – since mobile phones are not the only gadgets that needs Bluetooth headsets, check out if it is compatible with other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth-enable laptops and personal computers. Also make sure that the headset is universally compatible with other brands of mobile phones.