This amazing and revolutionary new technology enables us to hear sounds and talk over the phone less the lengthy wires connecting our ear, mouth and mobile phone. Most of the models are small and compact, making it comfortable to use than the wired headsets.

From these special features, the prices of Bluetooth headset microphone range from $50 - $300. In other words, it is more expensive than the wired headset microphone.

With the lowest or highest price as the basis, it is important to choose the right Bluetooth headset microphone, not just any other that you run into in any mall or store near your home.

Here are some things you have to consider before purchasing any Bluetooth headset microphone:

* The right size and weight that fits comfortably in your ear. There are designs that are too enticing to wear and only to find out that the ergonomic design is bad.

Long hours of use can bring about undue pressure on some part of your ear giving you the feeling as if your ear will fall off.

* The battery type of the Bluetooth headset microphone. Basically, there are of two types: the standard triple-A battery and the rechargeable battery.

The standard batteries add more weight to the Bluetooth headset making it uncomfortable to wear.

* On the other hand, the rechargeable batteries are lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear.

The good thing with replaceable batteries is that you can readily obtain replacement from almost any store near you. Rechargeable batteries can become disadvantageous if there are no available electrical outlets.

* User-friendly controls that let you easily learn the functions of each button. Of course, nobody certainly wants a device with controls that are not easy to reach when needed.

Each button should be strategically placed so that the user will easily access it when there are incoming calls as well as easy-to-reach volume controls when needed immediately.

* The sound and voice quality must be as good as the wired counterpart. Although Bluetooth headset microphone is more comfortable to wear, many of these are do not have a good sound quality.

Make sure that you are able to run connection test before purchasing so that you can readily discern if the said headset is worth your money.

* It should have a noise-reduction feature so that the person on the other end of the line will not hear any sound from your surroundings.