The Kitchen Gardener: Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg
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Seven Great Books for Allotment Gardeners

My article 'A Beginner's Guide to Allotment Gardening ' suggests that there is so much to learn that you will need a well stocked library of gardening books. These are some of the books that have helped me. There is something here for every allotment or community gardener from growing your own crops to making the most of what you have grown.


RHS Allotment HandbookThe RHS Allotment Handbook: The Expert Guide for Every Fruit and Veg Grower

 An authoritative guide from the Royal Horticultural Society. Clearly laid out with advice on where to start, planning your allotment, fruit, veg and herbs and an 'If only I'd known' section. A helpful crop planner showing what to grow when and when it will be ready.


The Kitchen Gardener

Alan Titchmarsh : The Kitchen Gardener: Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg. 

A definitive guide to growing for the kitchen whether on the allotment or in your own garden. Step by step illustrations with practical, helpful advice. Month by month guides to sowing, planting and harvesting. Hundreds of tips, culinary hints and quirky observations from the BBC's favourite television gardener.


The RHS Allotment Handbook

Allotment Month by Month : Alan Buckingham

 Beautifully illustrated, as we have come to expect from Dorling Kindersley. Features an allotment calendar with what to do month by month, specialist feature articles and a crop planner with hints and tips on different crops. Helpfully laid out.


The Essential Allotment GuideThe Essential Allotment Guide : How to Get the Most Out of Your Plot

 An excellent introduction to starting out on your allotment delivered in a helpful chatty style. Includes a section on why get an allotment. Stresses the social side of allotments and looks realistically at the time you need to put in. Easy to read and clearly set out. Not as well illustrated as some of the other books, mostly line drawings but helpful nevertheless particularly if you are just starting out.


The Allotment BookAndi Clevely: The Allotment Book. 

 Clear practical explanations of everything you need to know. Terrific illustrations and side stories, atmospheric and inspirational. A delightful and entertaining book crammed with information. Sections on: planning your plot, choosing what to grow, cultivation techniques and the allotment calendar.


Tender Vols 1 & 2Nigel Slater - Tender -Volume One :  A Cook and His Vegetable Patch 

Over 400 recipe idea from the cook's garden. A definitive guide to vegetables from Britain's finest food writer. A chapter devoted to each of 29 vegetables: evocative descriptions, what to look for in the garden, ways to cook them and wonderful recipes for making the most of them. Expensive but invaluable.

And Volume Two: A Cook's Guide to the Fruit Garden) 

Over 300 recipes from the cook's fruit garden. The definitive guide to fruit to sit alongside the volume on vegetables. 23 fruits covered in the same loving detail as the vegetables.