Looking for the best books to learn classical guitar with? Classical guitar is one of the hardest forms of guitar playing to master but it’s also one of the most rewarding. The guitar sounds beautiful when played on a nylon string. As classical guitar player you’ll need quite a few books with all the various songs to have in your collection for easy reference. While some classical songs are written in tablature format it’s better to know how to read music since many classical songs won’t feature tablature.

Classical Guitar BK/CD Hal Leonard Guitar Method

Hal Leonard produces some of the best books for beginners and this classical book features twenty-five pieces of classical music for study. You'll learn various classical guitar techniques such as rests or eighth notes. There are sections on chords, articulation, timing, tuning, and music fundamentals. Songs include those by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and many more. This would make a great introduction to the world of classical guitar playing for any guitar player interested in this style.

Classical Guitar for Dummies by Jon Chappell and Mark Phillips

Don't let the name of these books fool you they are some of the best books you can buy for anything you want to learn. The Dummies books put everything you need to know in common sense terms that anyone can understand. This is another book geared towards beginners and it teaches you all the fundamentals you need to play scales, classical melodies, and various pieces on your guitar. The book features a bunch of practice exercises to sharpen your skills and selections of songs from a classical repertoire that you can work on. Also included with this book is a handy CD so you can play along and learn faster. Other techniques you’ll learn are barre style chords, slurs, trills, harmonics, tremolo, and the higher positions of the guitar neck. This is a complete method for those wanting to learn classical guitar from the beginning.

60 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar: Featuring the Music of the World's Greatest Composers By Mark Phillips

This book features classical pieces from the world's most famous composers. You'll learn Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Mozart, and many more. Songs are arranged according to their difficulty so you can find something at your level to play in the book. You also get a companion CD with this publication to help you learn the material. Songs include "Ode to Joy," "Lullaby," and many more. Book contains tablature format for easy learning of the music.

A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar: Book 1 by Charles Duncan

This book is a method book to learning classical guitar that is suitable for all ages. This first book introduces fingerboard technique and music theory to get you started on the instrument. You'll learn the basics of the guitar and get started by making simple melodies on one and two strings. You'll soon progress to learning more strings and notes, as well as scales, and other basic guitar techniques. This book introduces the student to the basic chords as well as single note playing. This book makes a great starting point for anyone interested in playing the classical guitar from the very beginning.

Basic Classical Guitar Method 1 (Book & DVD) by Scott Tennant

This book starts the student off correctly with the parts of the guitar, the correct playing position, the guitar notes, how to read music, and the techniques required for both hands. You’ll learn basic guita techniques so you have a solid foundation on which to build your playing skills. This book is the first book while the next two in this method go into more advanced concepts.

You Can Learn Classical Guitar

There are many great books out there to learn classical guitar on. Try a few of them and see what works for you. As you gain skills you’ll want to pick up more advanced books and you should also seek a good guitar teacher to help you learn the materials covered in these books properly. Enjoy learning the classical guitar.