The best boots for short legs are, by and large, any type that helps elongate the natural length of your legs. The trick is to create an illusion that your legs are longer. Why? Because doing so will create a better "balance" in your look, freeing you up to wear a larger variety of other clothes.

If you've got short legs, don't worry. It's not a curse. I could give you a million and one advantages of having them. Unfortunately, it does make it difficult to put together a great looking outfit, especially in an age where gaudy is really in fashion. In case you haven't noticed, a "busy" top makes someone with short legs look squatty, even if he or she is in great shape.

Our "trick" is to create an illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are. Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds. There are really only three things to keep in mind as you do this: 1) A hefty heel, 2) A long boot length, and 3) a subtle but obvious design.

I'll explain these in further detail, but first I wanted to point out some of my favorite boots for people with short legs:

The Best Boots For Women With Short Legs

Frye 12R SaddleFrye Harness 12R Boots. These boots pretty much do it all; they elongate your legs, look great with any outfit (from dresses to jeans to shorts, you won't find anything that these boots won't go with), they last for ever and they are actually extremely affordable - well, at least in terms of what you'd expect to pay for all-leather designer boots. They even come in a wide variety of colors, including a few "distressed" looks. You can order them for about $200 at, which is about half of what I've seen them go for anywhere else.

Or you could read even more about them in this article: Women's Frye Harness 12R Boots.

The Best Boots For Men With Short Legs

Frye Campus 14L Boots(68385)Frye Campus 14L Boots. For the same reason the 12Rs look so great for the short-legged ladies, these boots will make any man with short legs look taller, more confident and longer-legged. The decent heel (that's not too big) adds a bit of lift, as does the hefty sole under the rest of the foot. And the neutral colors and straight-leg fit will create a natural "long" effect as you wear them. As a bonus, these boots will wear well with pretty much any clothing style; they look great with jeans and even look sharp in a professional environment, too. However, I wouldn't recommend wearing them with shorts, that's just for the ladies; fellas, you'd look silly. While these are a tad bit spendier than something you'd buy at a discount shoe store, these boots will last forever, and the quality is noticeable the instant you put them on. You can order them in "Saddle" (tan) or "Walnut" (darker leather look) for less than $270 at, which is cheaper than anywhere else I've found online, and is about half of what a local shoe store would charge.

Why Frye?

You probably noticed that both of these picks are from Frye. Don't worry, I'm not a brand loyalist, and I'm not playing the name game here, I truly love everything about the way these folks make boots. They do everything that most of the boot makers don't anymore: They make solid, reliable boots that last. While the other companies are more worried about designs and looks, Frye's priority is building a solid product. Of course they look great, too, but in a very "simple" and clean way. In my opinion, you'd be hard pressed to find any other boot for short legs that can hold a candle to the looks, quality and fit of a pair of Frye.

But I digress, let's get back to the subject at hand:

The Best Boots For Short Legs: What To Look For

As I mentioned earlier, there are three main design features that make boots ideal for people with shorter legs: 1) A hefty heel, 2) A long boot length, and 3) a subtle design. Let's examine these individually.

A Hefty Heel

Ladies already know this, so I'm mostly talking to the guys here: Heels literally make you taller and your legs look longer. But be careful and don't go too overboard here, a solid inch or so is perfect. It's hefty enough to increase your height and long-legged look, but it's not so crazy that it changes the shape of your stature or walk.

That said, the ladies can get away with taller heels, simply because the "high heel" look is very popular amongst women's fashion. But guys, if you go too nuts you'll look weird. Trust me.

Long Boot Length

The higher the boot, the more effect you'll get. It sounds counterintuitive, because on first mention it seems like longer boots would make you look squatty. But it's actually the opposite. That's what's great about the boots I mentioned above, they are straight-legged and go up fairly high. It creates a slim look, which our brains associate with long. I know, it's weird, but it's true. That's why superheros always wear such long boots, as do professional wrestlers and even dancers.

Subtle Design

You don't want to wear anything too gaudy on your feet, otherwise it will naturally draw people's attention downwards, which can actually ruin the subtle illusion we've created. I highly recommend a very light design for both genders, but generally speaking the ladies can get away with a bit more, simply because that's our modern fashion, and it looks a bit more feminine. Gals, a harness or simple design around the foot area is perfect, but keep it subtle. Guys, I'd steer clear of any design at all, if possible. Let the clean lines work for you and create a longer look.

Final Thoughts

Just because you were blessed with short legs doesn't mean you have to settle for the natural "Squatty" look that most clothes create. Simply understanding the basic principles that I outlined will help you find the best boots for short legs regardless of if you're a man or a woman.