Best Booty JeansThe best booty jeans wholly depends upon your – booty! Are you a curvy girl, athletic or slim? Do you have a bubble butt, a flat butt or are you lucky enough to have the perfect butt by nature? Whatever the size of your booty, there will be a pair of jeans that enhance what you have and give you the confidence to strut your denim clad butt with pride.

Things You Will Need

Finding the best jeans for your butt is relatively simple. Your first port of call is knowing your size and shape. It's no good buying jeans that are designed for a slim figure if you're a curvy girl – or vice versa.

Being honest with yourself is the first step to finding the correct style and fit – and that is the foundation for finding the perfect pair. No one looks good sporting the 'muffin' look and a great fashion tip is this: the correct size will only serve to make you look better than you realise. You cannot disguise excess weight (sad but true) and trying to squeeze into a smaller size will do nothing for your outline.

So now you know what not to do – time to find the best booty jeans.

Bubble Butt

Anyone with Latin blood or that's inherited curves will know how difficult it is to find a pair of jeans that not only fit your waist and legs but also cover your butt in fine style. Often, what fits your waist won't fit your behind, or vice versa.

So – aim for a higher waist and stay away from low risers. Bigger butts need a little more denim and low-rise jeans will only end up lower if you try and squeeze yourself into them. Also, check out the pockets – choose small, closely spaced pockets. They will lend to the illusion of creating a neater looking butt.

Flat Butt

A flat butt needs both lift and shape. In that case, you can choose a mid-waist jean with high pockets that are sat wider on the butt. Some detail is fine but don't go for a pair that has too much fussy detail.

Stretch denim is also good as this will lend lift and shape to your booty. Avoid stiff denim as this will only flatten your butt even more. A few of the better designers on the market are Not Your Daughters Jeans, True Religion and Gap.

No Butt

If you're stuck with either no butt or a sagging butt, then don't panic. There is still a style that will enhance what you don't have or uplift what you do. Choose jeans that have widely spaced pockets – and make sure the pockets are also on the bigger side. Pockets that are wider and larger create the illusion of width – which is what you're aiming for.

A good quality pair of lycra denim is best. Make sure there's not too much stretch in them, something you'll find in cheaper designs. The right kind of stretch will lift and define, not sag as the day wears on.

Also, aim for jeans with fading on the rear. Another great fashion tip for women with little or no junk in their trunk.

The top and bottom (no pun intended) of it all is this: the correct fit will enhance what you have, or reduce what you'd rather not show off. No one has the perfect shape and thankfully, designers now realise this.

Your best butt jeans are out there, you just have to know what to look for. When you factor in your shape, height and size, you'll be wearing the best booty jeans in no time at all.

Tips & Warnings

Top Tips:

Flat butts – no stiff denim.

Bubble butts – no low-risers and small pockets.

No butt – uplifting, good quality lycra.

Don't forget to fit and flatter your overall shape also:

Skinny girls look great in slim legged or skinny jeans for e.g. – plus sized ladies should aim for fit 'n flare styles, to balance out the upper body and waist/thigh area. Equally, a short leg never looks good in turn-ups or cropped jeans – they simply shorten the leg length.

The best booty jeans can also be the best jeans to flatter your shape. So don't be afraid to try on different styles and types of denim, until you find the best fit for you.