What are the best Boss guitar pedals? Boss has been making guitar pedals for years and these guitar pedals are some of the best you can buy. They are made like small tanks and can take a beating no matter what situation you put them in. Some of my first pedals were the Boss brand and I have never been disappointed with their guitar pedals. They have different ones for all types of music but some are a bit better than others.

In this article we’ll examine some Boss pedals and pick some of the best pedals you can use in your own guitar playing. When you choose a Boss pedal you’ll have a guitar effect that will last for a very long time and you get a brand that is pretty tough to beat in terms of quality.

Boss DS-1

Boss Distortion PedalCredit: Photobucket By Fitchtel

While the Boss DS-1 is a very basic distortion pedal it is one of their best. It retails for under $50.00 and usually less than that. I have used this pedal and I think it is a decent distortion pedal for new players and those just getting into use effects in their playing. The pedal has tone, level, and distortion knobs on the face. This pedal has been around since the late 70s and it’s well worth having in your distortion pedal collection. For those who want more bite Boss offers other distortion pedals that will fit the bill.

MT-2 Metal Zone

When I was growing up the MT-2 Metal Zone was my pedal of choice to crank out Metallica riffs and other metal tunes. This pedal is a great heavy metal distortion pedal and one that’s well worth owning. The three-band EQ with semi-parametric mid control offers a wide range of heavy distortion textures. The pedal also features a level and distortion knob to round out your heavy sound. I used this pedal with my wah wah and got some amazing sounds out of the pedal. This distortion pedal is worth the $80.00 price tag although you can get one for much less. There’s also an ML-2 Metal Core pedal for even more blistering distortion sounds making it suitable for the Nu metal sounds of the modern heavy guitar era.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

The Boss DD-7 Digital Delay is another one of their popular pedals. It features expanded delay time up to 6.4 seconds and the modulation delay mode offers natural chorus type sounds. This delay pedal will keep you busy for a long time and it offers so many sounds that you can do with it. Like all Boss pedals this thing is built to last with solid construction. This pedal is a bit expensive at around $150.00 but you get a great delay pedal that you can do a lot with.

BF-3 Flanger

The Bf-3 flanger is an update from the popular Boss BF-2 flanger and features amazing flanger sounds. The ultra and gate/pan modes create stereo flanging effects. The pedal features manual, depth, rate, and mode buttons to fully customize your sound with the flanger. This pedal will also work with bass guitar. You can get this flanger for around $110.00 dollars retail depending upon where you buy it.

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

Credit: Photobucket By Fitchtel

If you go to lots of gigs you need an accurate tuner that you can access easily. The Boss Tu-3 tuner is the perfect tuner companion for your pedal board on stage. The LED meter features brightness control so you can see the tuner is dim conditions or when outside. The pedal has a note name indicator that has the ability to display the notes from seven string guitars and six string bass guitars. The pedal has a flat tuning mode with support for up to six half steps for all those alternate tunings.

Excellent Boss Pedals

Boss makes some of the best guitar pedals around. You'll get a pwedal that is built solid and there's no cheap plastic on the Boss brand. I have used thes pedals in my own playing and have always been satisfied with theBoss brand. These are some of the best Boss pedals around but there's a lot of other ones too. Try them out and enjoy playing with Boss pedals.