Best Brands for Plus Size Winter Coat: Cute Stylish Winter Coat for Plus Size Women

There are so many designer winter coats out there that you might not know what to choose. There are many great brands of plus size winter coats but the name is not the only thing to consider. If you have good taste, there is no reason why you should only look into popular winter coat brands. Here are a few brands and styles of plus size jackets and coats to chose from.

When you are a plus size woman, looking good is just as important as eating your favorite cake. The problem at times can come when you want something stylish and cute that will enhance your figure. There is no reason to fret about finding and buying cheap winter coat for large women. You need to have an idea of what you want and what will look good on you. If you have a natural large hip small waist, you will have a lot of styles to choose from. For those who have large waistline, choosing a coat with belt will simulate an hour glass figure.

Jessica London Plus size women’s cost that can be purchase for $120 is a great choice for those who want to look smart and at the same time don’t want to break the bank. It is true that spending $120 is not the cheapest winter coat out there but you are investing in the future and this Military style winter outfit can be purchased at

If you want a cute but casual plus size winter coat for women, Lands’ End also has a nice little Diamond white coat with hood that will appeal to those who want to keep warm and look cute. This will cost you $90 which is rather affordable and will make you look smart but casual. The most important thing is not only to look fashionable but also to keep warm during the winter months. If you are into cheap designer winter coat for plus size women, the next step will be to check out the London Fog brand of coats. The Twill Clip Women’s coat can be purchased at for $65. This coat comes in black and it looks smart and businesslike. This will look great for days when you want to blend in with the crowd and go about your business incognito. If you want a winter coat with insulated parka that is designed for those who are active during winter, Columbia Bugaboo 3i-in-1 cute plus size winter coat is another that might appeal to people with taste. This coat will cost you $125 which isn’t cheap but when you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life, all you have to do is pull out your credit card and pay for you stylish winter coat.

There are times plus size means you will need a maternity winter coat that will keep you warm during those chilly months of pregnancy. If you are a future mother, you will likely be bigger than the average woman but there is nothing preventing you from looking stylish and cute. You can easily head to Debehams’ and buy the Black ruffled collar maternity Jacket that sells for $100. This is an affordable price for a trendy plus size jacket for pregnant women.

You can also opt for the Nave cape Maternity Coat that also cost $100 at Debenhams. There is something so cute and special about this cape jacket that will make people want to hug you. That might not be welcomed but you will look adorable in your cute outfit.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and you want something extraordinary during the predictable winter months, you should head to Bloomingdale’ and checkout their Tahari woman plus size faux fur norma jacket. This is only for those who appreciate style and quality. This is not a cheap plus size winter coat for women with a $180 price tag. That said, you will not look cute but you will ooze trendiness.

There are times you don’t want the classic winter coat but you want something different that will make you look stylish. Jessica London plus size wool blend swing coat is what you might need. This $120 wrap around coat looks like a stylish from another generation. This coat basically says that good taste and style live forever and you want to be part of that. This is a red coat and it will play a great part in making your feel happy and take away the chill from the cold.

There are coat that some people will say they are “to die for”. The Ladies women’s winter coat that is 100% leather is a coat that is slightly expensive at $200 but something had to die which might explain the price. That said, this ¾ length plus size winter coat is smart and trendy. You can buy yours at TradeFairny on eBay.

If you are planning a night out during winter and you want a coat that will keep you warm but still make you outfit visible, you should give the Lane Bryant Faux Fur Jacket for plus size women a try. This will cost you $70 but will look great on anyone with taste. You must need to make sure there are no PETA activist around. They might want to get rowdy thinking you are wearing real fur instead of a faux fur winter coat.