Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and a visit to this place is absolutely a must during your trip to this country.

But where do you go to when you get hungry in the morning? Where do you find the best breakfast in Barcelona? Where can you get good breakfast or brunch?

This article gives an overview of the best places to have breakfast in Barcelona.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is the favorite place for many people to have breakfast or brunch and recommended by celebrities like Penelope Cruz. Milk is situated in the Gothic Quarter and has a friendly and warm atmosphere and a large menu with sweet and savory options. During nights, this bar is also good option for cocktails.

You can find Milk Bar at Calle Gignas 21.

Buenos Migas

Buenos Migas has over ten locations spread over Barcelona and is a good option to have breakfast. You can eat here toast with homemade marmelade, yoghurt with berries, drink a good cup of tea or coffee and much more!

Bar Lobos

Do you feel like having breakfast on a terrace at a lovely square? Then Bar Lobos on Carrer Pintor Fortuny, one of the side streets of La Rambla is a good option!


In the same street as Bar Lobos you can also find Olivia, famous for their homemade carrot cake. But Olivia offers a lot more for breakfast than just cake.

Be My Bagel

Are you looking for bagels in Barcelona? Then Be My Bagel is absolutely a must. This place offers a wide assortment of bagels in all kinds of flavours. Be My Bagel can be found at the Carrer Del Planeta.


One of the best breakfast options in Barcelona is Dunnes, an Irish bar at the Via Laietanna, which offers a tasty and affordable food. Hungry visitors should try the Irish Fry or French toast. 

La Parodia

La Parodia is another good place for breakfast in Barcelona. This small and friendly place claims to have the best croissants in Barcelona. You can find La Parodia at Carrer d’Aribau.


Marmelade is run by the same people who brought the Milk Bar to Barcelona. Marmelade is a good option if you are looking for a good, hearty brunch, like Eggs Benedict, pancakes, fries and Tortilla Ranchera. You also should try their delicious smoothies.

Forn Mistral

At Carrer de Torres i Amat, 7 and Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96 you can find Forn Mistral. The history of this bakery goes back to 1879 and is now run by the 5th generation of the Bertran family. Forn Mistral is a breakfast option in Barcelona if you feel like having a typical Catalan sandwich or a pastry-based breakfast.

Forn Mistral is best known for their Ensaimadas, a big round pastry that comes in 5 variations; pumpkin, sausage, chocolate, marzipan or without any filling.

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