When choosing a man's briefcase the function of the case should dictate the type of case. The traditional hard case is what is most thought of when first looking for a men's briefcase. However, there are new soft case designs that can be very useful depending on the intended use of the briefcase. If traveling, the soft briefcase can be very convenient. It doesn't offer the same protection for the contents as a hard briefcase would, but the straps are longer and the case can be carried over the shoulder to leave the hands free for carrying travel essentials like luggage in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

A soft case can even fit inside luggage conveniently if you would not need access to it during your flight or on drives from one location to another. Also, a soft case can be carried across the shoulder with the strap crossing the chest. If carrying important documents this is a safer way to make sure that you don't set your briefcase down and leave it, or risk it being stolen. These men's briefcases are also offered with a small handle like a hard briefcase. The strap is often detachable. A concern with a soft case is that important paperwork will be damaged. One way you can protect documents or photos in a soft case is to use a hard folder or separate items with a hard document protector. This still allows the convenience of a soft case and insures that you will arrive prepared with your documents in good condition and well organized. A soft briefcase can be really useful, and it can be very fashionable, too. Soft briefcases can be found in many colors and in many styles, with pockets or compartments to meet a variety of needs. Some have zipper closures or snaps, and some simply have a flap that fold over for easy access to the contents. The same color choices are available that you would find in a hard case.

There are a variety of colors available, from business formal black to more trendy color choices. The material used for the briefcase also varies. The highest quality leathers can be found, as well as the trendier and less expensive vinyl. Prices range dramatically between the two, depending on the designer and the quality of the material the case is constructed with. A good, all-purpose case will run $200 to $300, while the more expensive can range into the thousands. Always consider quality when making such a purchase as well as your particular needs and the time frame that you will use the case. Some like to use the case as a fashion accessory and buy a new every year, while others like to make one purchase of the best quality they can afford and keep that case for many years. Finding the perfect briefcase can be a fun adventure and keep in mind that quality never goes out of style!