Looking for the best English history books? The story of Britain has a rich and colorful history through the years. From the Middle Ages, to the battles with Napoleon, to the new world, and the world wars people have been fascinated with Britain and her history. If you’re interested in British history in general of studying Britain is school these best British history books will provide you with information on the great land and people of the British Isles. These books cover all periods in British history but are not meant to be a complete guide. You’ll find many more books in your local library or through online retailers. Be sure to sue the Internet as a resource as well but always check your data first to be sure of accuracy before including that information in any assignments you may be involved with.

Roman Britain and Early England: 55 B.C.-A.D. 871 by Peter Hunter Blair

This book chronicles the early periods of Britain and is compiled from archeological records. The author explains how the information in the book was arrived at since there isn’t much to go on from this ancient period. Real British history dates back to the Roman occupation and the first real evidence is found here. Through excavations of old walled towns, roads, and fortresses archeologists have been able to piece together the old history of Britain. The book explains the transition from Roman England to the Anglo-Saxon era. The book covers the writing from this period and reveals much of the economic social and cultural life of these ancient times in early Britain.

The Oxford History of Britain by Kenneth O. Morgan

England Map
England From NASA

This book follows the history of Britain and its people over the course of two thousand years. From the invasion by the Roam legions all the way up to present day. The book is edited by historian Kenneth O. Morgan and the book covers the political, social, cultural, and economic developments of the British Isles. Ten other historians add their expertise and narrative to this volume. The book covers the years of turmoil that helped shaped the land of Britain and change each period of her history. The book takes the story of Britain and puts it into the twenty-first century and examines the invasion of Iraq and more. This is a great book for those who want to study Britain and want everything in one package. This book would be perfect for those writing a history paper in school.

The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth

Studying the monarchy of Britain is no easy task with all the Kings and Queens you can drive yourself a bit crazy with all the information. In The History of the Kings of Britain you have all this information in one package.  This book is considered a classic and is required reading for many courses in school. This book would make a great gift for the person studying British Kings or someone who just has a great interest in them. This book covers pre-Saxon Britain and introduces you to familiar figures such as King Lear, Cymbeline, Vorigern, the prophet Merlin, and provides the first birth-to-death account of King Authur. This is a must have book for anyone studying British medieval history in all its detail. This book will help those who want to debate if the existence of King Authur was real, and the myths surrounding him. 

London in 1300

London Map 1300s

The British Monarchy for Dummies by Philip Wilkinson

The British Monarchy is a dry subject for many but the Dummies books always make these subjects more palatable. You’ll learn information about the current royal family as well as the colorful past of the kings and Queens. To understand Britain you’ll need a solid foundation in the monarchy and this book helps that come to life with some humor along the way making the information easier to digest. You’ll follow Britain from its early days, through the power struggles, and how the politics helped shape the land we know today. Learn the origins of the British monarch, how it exactly works, and the relationship between the monarchy and the public. A great book for those studying the Kings and Queens of Britain who want something simple to follow along with and help keep all the information together.

British History 1815-1914 (Short Oxford History of the Modern World) by Norman McCord and Bill Purdue

This book follows Britain through nineteenth century British History and the period up to the outbreak of World War I. The book follows the development of the modern state of Britain with its large and expanding bureaucracy. You’ll learn about the expansion overseas as Britain became one of the world’s largest empires. The book covers changes in social attitudes, culture, and religion during this period.  You’ll read chapters on the political background, administrative development, explosion of population, classes, leisure, consumerism, and other changes. This is a great volume from the end of the Napoleonic Wars through to the First World War.

Great London Fire 1666

The Great London Fire

The Story of Britain: From the Romans to the Present by Rebecca Fraser

This book covers the scientists, explorers, statesmen, traders, soldiers, and artists who helped develop Britain through the ages. The book is a great introduction to British history for those studying it. The book shows how it was the individual that helped forge the nation and looks at Britain from their perspective. Topics include divine right, the institution of slavery, the ambitions of the dictators Napoleon and Hitler. This book contains 154 illustrations and provides a great general study on Britain.

Great Books about Britain

There are plenty of great books about Britain out there and this provides just a small sampling. Many other books cover specific periods in more detail such as World War I, the Napoleonic Era, World War II, and the modern times of Britain. History is sometimes a difficult subject to learn and it’s always good to have a detailed text you can refer to when you’re studying.  I hope these books about British history help you as your studying about Britain and the colorful history of that great nation.