If you love to knit, but would like to create larger pieces, or just want to speed up the process, then you could try brother knitting machines. There are many on the used market, and they all perform differently. When shopping for one by Brother, you need to have an idea of the type of knitting you are going to want to do. Some are more specific than others.

Brother KH970

If you would like to invest in a more computerized product rather than a manual one, then you are going to love this model. It has a LCD screen and also 665 built in patterns to try. There is also a CB-1 control box that guides you through the entire process.

When using a machine, you have to be patient, and realize that it is not the same as hand knitting, there are processes to follow, but once you study the unit, especially the Brother model, then you will be set to go. With a computerized one, you follow the steps on the LCD screen.

The KH-970 is great for anyone who wants to use their creativity in their machine knitted projects. Some of its best features are the electronic row counter, programmed patterns, help with size calculation, how to shape the piece.

There is a lot of automation in this model that makes it quick to learn and fun to use. This was the last model of knitting machines by Brother created.

You can still buy these units on the internet on private sites as well as Ebay, and Amazon.

Ribbers KR850

This is an accessory that is used for knitting the ribs, and cuffs etc. You can also use this accessory to do a fisherman's rib and more.

If you like the Brother brand, and you want to invest in a good unit, there are still many on the market. The older ones by Brother used punch cards for the patterns, but the later models, such as the one above were computerized, to make setup and knitting easier.

Many knitters, who knit products for a living or a craft business, will use a knitting machine. Some people will think that is cheating, that hand made is best, but it does take some skill to set up and work a product like this. It is a art all of its own.


If you want to start out with a basic one and affordable, you can search for a KX400, which is a great starter machine.

Buying Them Online

If you have decided to buy a unit by brother online, then there are a few rules you should follow. Make sure it is a good picture. Make sure all program cards are included and in good condition. If you are buying on Ebay, make sure the seller has a good reputation with their feedback number and comments. Take the time to read good and bad comments in their feedback.

Many of the Brother knitting machines have parts and accessories online too. Make sure you get the ones that will fit your model of machine.

This is an affordable way to try your hand at machine knitting. If you like it, and get good at it, then you can trade up for a more expensive computerized model. But many Brother knitting machine users, say they would never get rid of their Brother Brand.

So, take a look around online, and find the best deal you can, and give it a try. A friend of mine knits beautiful sweaters and blankets with her brother knitting machine in no time for her business.

there are many types on the market that would work for you.