Are you looking for the best bubble machine for kids online? Today's kids no longer have to use those old-fashioned dipping sticks and slippery containers of soapy solution to fill the air with lots and lots of cool bubbles. Manufacturers are making all kinds of neat toys that also happen to have bubble blowing capabilities as well.  You can find play lawnmowers, trains, bears and even pretend leaf blowers that have this fun feature. The products featured below are chosen for their popularity with parents as well as children and were also chosen for their positive reviews.

The Gazillion Bubble Machine

Makes 500 bubbles a minute!

Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine
Amazon Price: $14.99 $14.98 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 24, 2015)
The Gazillion Machine is a super-popular product on Amazon and has an almost 4-star out of 5-star rating by customers who have purchased it.

These Machines Are Perfect For High-Energy Kids

I can't think of anything more fun than watching bubbles floating around on the breeze. They do have a certain magical appeal. I am nowhere near a kid and I still think they are so entertaining to watch. As a kid, I always had a container of solution because it was such a cheap toy for me to buy at the drugstore. Of course, it was pretty messy when the soapy solution would drip off the dipping stick and onto my hands and dribble down my shirt. These machines are slightly less messy and a lot more creative and unique

Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust

Leave a trail of fun behind you

Gazillion Bubble Bike Exhaust
Amazon Price: $399.00 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 24, 2015)
This is not an inexpensive toy, but the concept is a huge kid-pleaser! No longer will attaching ribbons to the back of a bicycle be as popular as it once was. Kids can now attach a blower "exhaust pipe" to their wheels for maximum riding fun.

Bubble Blowers For Children Are Great For Parties

One of the challenges of throwing a kids party is figuring out how to keep a bunch of youngsters entertained for more than a few minutes. Although one of these products might be too "childish" for a teenage party, it is perfect for small children as far as entertainment value goes. Are you looking for something that can keep a toddler occupied for hours? Try having your little one chase and try to catch them outdoors. Nap time should be a breeze after all that exercise. Even pets are known to enjoy chasing the soapy orbs around in the breeze.

Gazillion Bubble Cannon

Interactive fun that keeps them entertained

Gazillion Bubble Cannon / Gazillion Bubble Blizzard
Amazon Price: $19.99 $15.73 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 24, 2015)
The Cannon machine is a really cool toy that lets kids choose what size of bubble to crank out with the lever; hundreds of huge ones or "gazillions" of small ones. This product also gets positive reviews by existing customers.

Toys And Games For Kids Get Better All The Time

The contemporary child has great toys to choose from

I always enjoy looking at the popular children's toys and games that are so different from what I grew up playing with.  Most of my toys were books that I checked out of the library.  The choices available for childrens novelty toys is wonderful these days. These products are so versatile.

Machines like this can be used to create a festive mood during family cookouts, pool parties and camping excursions too. Bubble machines are simply a lot of fun!