Las Vegas is known for many things, lights, gambling, 24/7 entertainment, but one thing that has been a constant tradition in 'Sin City is the all you can eat buffet.


Some people go for the cheap, just get some decent food at a great price and there happy, but several of the top casinos and some not so well known, offer some absolutely wonderful food and while it might cost a bit more, this is Las Vegas, eat it up and enjoy! Here is a closer look at some of the best buffets in town, so sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a mouthwatering treat.


The M Resort is located about 15 minutes south of the strip, for those driving from Southern California, its the new casino on the right just before you hit town and it has become a favorite of local residents. Voted the best buffet in town by the Las Vegas Review-Journal last year, this place mixes upscale and class, but doesn't make you feel uncomfortable about it. Studio B is the name and all you can eat and drink for around $40 is their game. Yes, you can have all the beer and wine your liver can take with dinner and oh what a dinner it is. This place offers its diners several types of steak, shrimp, and even curry, but save room for some scrumptious desserts are you might miss out on the best crème brulee outside of the strip.


The Ballegio does everything big and fancy, but they do it well and the buffet is no different. This was voted the best by visitors in a USA Today poll in 2012 and its hard to argue. The price is not bad at $37.00 and the food is to die for, especially the prime rib that has won several local awards. While the restaurant itself looks a bit old, the food is hot, fresh, and very tasty, but what else would you expect from the Bellagio. Word of warning though, make sure you look at the dessert bar before you begin, having a plan of attack is necessary with all this good food in one place.


For those looking for great food at a reasonable price, Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas is simple, elegant, and yummy. There is often a wait because the locals visit this place often and why not as the food is delicious, the décor is wonderful, and the staff friendly and very helpful. Main Street has a different theme just about every night, so plan ahead before making a visit, but Seafood night night on Friday is very good and costs around $22.00 and for the prime rib lovers, Saturday night is your calling and at $14.00 per person, one of the best deals in Las Vegas.



The good news for visitors is there are plenty of good choices when deciding which buffet to take in, bit these three offer something for everyone and prices to fit any budget.