Looking for the best ipad apps for business? Here's the tried and trusted best business ipad apps out there.


$9.99 each for Pages, Keynote or Numbers.

IWork is Apple's equivalent of Microsoft Office. Pages is like Microsoft Word, Keynote is the equivalent of PowerPoint and Numbers acts as a replacement for Excel. For the computer versions, I had always found Keynote and Pages to be vastly superior to Powerpoint and Word respectively in terms of ease of use, templates, functions and ook. I still feel Excel nudges over Numbers. For an Ipad, IWork is THE business app to get. They have really designed the Iwork app for use on the Ipad so the functionality and manipulation (resizing, rotating, moving images and text etc) works so quickly and almost intuitively with your fingers on the touch screen.

For Pages, you can view edit Word documents, text files and export/share in Word, PDF or mail. It prints seemlessly with AirPrint (if your printer is compatible - if you don't have a compatible printer for airprint, then read below for other printing apps)



Printcentral lets you print from your ipad via Wifi to your printer. You can also email web pages within the same app, and you can select and print multiple photos from your digital photo album. You can even mount your Ipad as an external hard drive with your Mac (or PC too) .

Another notable print app for the Ipad is PrintMagic



You can search the web using the tradition method of text input, but you can also search using your voice. The recognition is pretty amazing - I tried it with many words and it only came unstuck on slangs, proper names and a not-so-ordinary song lyrics and movie titles.

It will also look for relevant search results in your location without you having to type in your current whereabouts. Great if you're in a new part of town and you're looking for a pizza place, gas station, best nearby pub etc



Flipboard is a great way to read all your news and social media feeds in one gorgeous interface. You simply add the websites you always read - whatever that may be from cnn.com to gizmodo or whatever. And every morning, instead of having to type in each individual website address in your web browser, Flipboard simply displays your favorite websites in a stunning and easy to access magazine format. Likewise with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It's frequently cited as the best Ipad app...period.



If you're halfway through reading a webpage and want to save it for later, use Instapaper to store up to 500 webpages so you can read them later even when you are not online. You can also share articles via Twitter or email with your colleagues. Make yourself look like you're on top of every piece of news related to your industry, when you're actually reading the pages in your local coffee shop, in the bathroom, or anywhere else!


Free (the app is free but you need a gotomeeting account to set up meetings etc. They have a 30 day trial which is well worth trying out)

Gotomeeting is a popular online meeting tool and their Ipad app means you can attend meetings while on the go. You can attend online meetings and view presentations by the speaker. WebEx is a similar ipad app for online meetings.


$2.99 (there's a free version which runs ads...skip it)

A free and unlimited way to send and receive text messages. Also has a built-in community and you can group share text messages too.



Turns your Ipad into a second monitor. If you're not used to working with a second monitor display, you might wonder why I consider this one of the best business apps for ipad out there. But it's been proven in many research studies that productivity can increase up to a whopping 30% if you have more screen space, especially a second display. It auto-rotates. And it looks cool as anything too.



A way to search wikipedia. Perhaps not the most accurate but still the most useful reference resource available on the net.



Just a brilliant dropbox for storing anything useful from notes, web clips, voice memos and more. Frequent winner of best mobile app awards.



Frequently ranked the top selling non-Apple made ipad app. The best way to read PDF files. You can add sticky notes and hand-drawn notations and share them easily with your colleagues.


Free (for a measly 2GB of storage. Well worth paying $9.99 a month for 50GB or $19.99 for 100GB of storage)

Cloud computing : store files, photos, music, basically anything you want on the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere including your ipad! It's essential to backup your key data in case anything happens to your hard drive or computer and dropbox makes it very easy.

Box.net is a similar app.



Made by Filemaker. A way for small business owners to organize their lives - includes 25 database templates, a way to manage contacts, track projects, time-billing, maintenance notes, to-do list and a lot more. It even has a diet-log!


Free (but they take a percentage of every transaction) Only available for now in limited territories

A mobile payment system so you can now accept credit cards simply with your mobile phone! Going to be the way of the future for small business owners and sales people who are always on the go.



Great news resource especially for financial reports


Newly released and seriously fun...yes fun. You can comment, share stories via twitter and facebook, save stories to read offline, and there's tons of video content plus slideshow. You can even view live newstream so you will never miss breaking news as it happens


As Steve Jobs himself would say. Please note that prices may change but here's a tip for you: it's a good idea when you see a newly released Ipad app for free to download it...if it's any good, they might well start charging for it in the new future!