Companies used to do their payroll. There is a separate department within the company that handles payroll, tax computation and other concerns. However, everything changes. Rendering employee payroll is one of them.

There are companies who hire third party to do the computation of their payroll. This includes computation of the benefits and separation pay. As technology progresses, more and more business are already hiring a business payroll service.

The examples of the most popular payroll services are Commonwealth Care Services Inc, Paycheck Inc, and Surepayroll.

Commonwealth Card Services Inc. has its head office in Massachusetts. It is a Delaware Corporation. It is a registered as one of the sales organization for Commonwealth Card.

This payroll service can create a standard system wherein payroll structure gives you the room to sustain the current needs of your company. Further, it could project future growth. Therefore, the payroll system is programmed so the client could control the cost and expense of the company.

Further, they generate accounting reports according to the requirement and needs of the client. Such reports could also generate information on how the company of the client could be handled more efficiently

The second business payroll service is Paycheck Inc. It is one of the leading providers in the industry. It has half a million clients nationwide since it started way back 1971.

The services offered by Paycheck Inc ranges from payroll computation, tax payments and filing, employee's benefits and retirement plans. This gives the client more time to focus on business operation and leave employee concerns to Paycheck Inc.

The company also caters small business to big business set up. Small business has 1 – 49 employees. Big businesses are those with 50 and more employees. Paycheck Inc. believes that no two businesses are exactly the same. Therefore, the needs of one client are different from the other.

For small business, Paycheck Inc. regularly submits payroll journal, month to date summaries, precise notice of tax liabilities and deposits, report on payroll expenses and tax liabilities. The personnel who handles each account has the experience and in depth expertise in payroll matters.

For big business, Paycheck Inc. transacts through internet. Therefore, payroll processing is directly on the clients' database or through a secured internet network. This is flexible, time saving and more efficient.

Surepayroll supports small business. It has 100 employees with keen knowledge when it comes to payroll concerns. It also has its customer care service to ensure that any question will be addressed accordingly.

Surepayroll covers tasks such as calculation of salaries. This includes tax and other deductions. They also file state and local payroll taxes. Deposit the payroll and inform employees of their salary through email. Employees could have 24/7 online access to any payroll information.

Business payroll service is cost effective for any form of business. This also takes away some of the concerns they have on their shoulder. With business payroll service, businesses could focus on growth and stability of the company.

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