Customer Relationship Management has always faced tough challenges trying to maintain a large customer base. Fortunately, CRM software has been developed which has revolutionized the way business think and act in regards to customer relations. Software from CRM has streamline customer databases which greatly reduces maintenance cost and increases the rate of productivity. They also offer solutions and tools for strengthening and improving customer relationship. Research has predicted that companies in the future will invest more in CRM segments like closed loop marketing, marketing automation, and customer analytics.

Sugar CRM

One of the best CRM software packages available on the market is Sugar CRM. This software is well known for its high performance record even under budget constraints. The newer versions are able to run on the SQL server database and Microsoft Windows Server. Some of the key features are assisting customer management information and automating sales force. It allows the user to enable sharing customer information with other employees and co-workers.

Sugar also generates reports which can help prioritize the more timely sales tasks. The interface is simply built and easy to work with. It works best with Windows operating system because it allows integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook. The dashboard is customizable and can offer live information on business performance. In addition, the majority of customer data can be imported from other CRM sources like ACT and Sales Force.

Infor CRM Epiphany

Infor CRM Epiphany helps to integrate service, sales, and marketing. It is originally based on a service oriented platform made by J2EE technology. This software provides an extensive interface with feasible interaction for all customers. Infor streamlines marketing procedures by making customer profiles which help in identify lead trends. It has sales automation options and implements the most efficient management practices. Instant access is also provided for opportunity records that were recently viewed, modified, or created.

This CRM solution has a service architecture that allows companies evolve their business methods in order to suit their needs. Top class customer service and support is provided by Infor, and they also have a host of new innovative solutions available to keep up with the ever changing business world. In short, Infor offers real time decision management and customer information at the premium level. The only downside is that the interface is fairly complex and may take time to get used to it. The software also lacks content management capability for organizing customer information files.