So you have picked out a new pet for your household and now are trying to choose the best cages for Syrian Hamsters. At face value it seems like a pretty standard decision but there really are many things to keep in mind. You just don't want to choose the first thing that comes into sight for your new furry roomate. So here today we will discuss characteristics to keep in mind and brands that could catch your eye.

Ventilation and Cleaning

Imagine your home if you were unable to personally clean it on a regular basis. You want to keep the windows at least open to allow air to come and have some fresh air. Well this is the same thing when choosing the best cages for Syrian Hamsters. They have to live in the environment that you choose and maintain so this must be kept in mind. This is an important factor for those considering the aquarium styles because the top must have some kind of openings.

I recommend going with the wire styles because it allows for a considerable amount of air flow. Just make sure that the spacing is correct because some housings are made for either smaller or bigger pets. Most of these also have a base that simply slides out of the bottom which is much easier in terms of keeping the housing clean.

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Syrian Hamster Cages and Safety

It is key to make sure that whatever you choose for your pets new home is safe for the creature. This is especially important when choosing ones that are metal and could possibly  have sharp edges. Shavings are also an issue as some small animals are known to chew on nearly anything in their environment.

I'm sure those at home that have had small animals or birds in the past know all about how adept they can be at opening doors. This is why you want to look for doors with clasps or latches on the outside. Otherwise you could very well find yourself using some form of metal closings or clothes pins.

Burrowing and Cage Size

It all really depends on the individual and what they can have within their home. But if you want the best cages for Syrian Hamsters then size makes all the difference in the world. For starters think of exercise and how the size of their limited range will impact movement. The room they have to roam the greater the range of exercise your pet will have to help maintain proper health.

The depth of the housing is also something of great importance due to the fact that these are burrowing animals. You want them to be allowed bury themselves in the shavings and feel comfortable without making a mess. If the bed is shallow then either they won't have adequate room for digging or will end up getting it outside of the cage.

Syrian Hamster Toys and Wheels

The need for a rotation of outside objects is something often neglected for small pets and birds. It really makes sense though because they are kept in a small space so new interaction is good for their mental health. Things as simple as replacing small cheap toys such as bells and balls could mean more than you know for your pets.

Hamster wheels are very important for the health for small caged pets. But the key here is that for Syrian Hamsters they are often too big for the standard wheels used in most cages. So it important to make sure that you are getting one big enough for your specific animals. Who wants their pet to feel like an adult trying to ride a childrens bike?

Name Brands and Pricing

If you go to most local pet shops the most common name brands will most likely be Habitrail and CritterTrail. Both of these brands feature a blend of wire stylings with added tunneling for small animals. But another one that may catch your eye are the housings from Ware that in many cases are expandable by adding cages together so you can grow more down the road.

The best cages for Syrian Hamsters can run you anywhere from $40-100 in most places such as Petco or PetSmart. However if price becomes an issue they can often be found online for a discounted rate. At times there are often free items being given away on Craigslist. It is hard to beat getting something for free and often they may also have additional supplies for your pets as well.