Best Camcorders under $300 in 2012

Can you really get a decent camcorder for under $300 in 2012? That will depend on what you plan to do with your camera. It has to be said that the manufacture date is not what determines the quality of an electronic device like a camcorder. Canon FS400 Camcorder SilverCredit: Amazon

There are times where a new model offers less quality than an older one. It has also been noted that some new video cameras offer a lot of features that the average user will not put to good use.

When you're looking for a camera under $300, you need to focus on the most important features like how many optical zoom do you get and the quality of the image sensor.

GoPro HD HERO2 Surf Edition Camcorder


GoPro HD HERO2 Surf Edition Camcorder(89975)Credit: Amazon

If you want to capture a memorable experience underwater this goal Pro camera is what you will need to invest in. It is small enough to be carried around and comes in a watertight case. It offers night vision and 11 megapixel sensor.

It can be easily connected through a USB and HDMI ports in order to download or share your data. It is not the prettiest camcorder out there, but it is very functional. This will make a perfect gift for anyone who is into underwater diving and who wants to capture those unforgettable moments.

DXG Pro Gear DXG-A85V Camcorder

DXG Pro Gear DXG-A85V CamcorderCredit: Amazon

Most people will automatically consider popular brand names like Canon and Panasonic when choosing electronic appliances. That said, there are other little known names like DXG that offer good camcorders. It can be purchased for about $230 to $260.

The DXG Pro gear comes with 10 megapixel sensor, 12x optical zoom, image stabilizer and automatic focus. You get the usual connectivity ports like USB and HDMI for data sharing and multimedia. It comes with full HD 1080p and an adjustable LCD screen.

Canon FS400 Camcorder

Canon FS400 Camcorder BlueCredit: Amazon

One of the reasons why you will buy this camcorder is because it is cheap. It is not the most feature-rich appliance when it comes to video filming. That said, you get automatic/manual focus, image stabilizer, USB connector and a very impressive 37 x optical zoom.

It does not come with high-definition but most people will likely not notice the difference. It comes from a very reputable brand, Canon, and can be purchased for $230.

JVC Everio GZ-HM650BUS Camcorder

JVC Everio GZ-HM650BUS CamcorderCredit: AmazonThis JVC camcorder has a very classic design but it comes fully packed with all the features you will expect in a modern video camera appliance.

It comes with 40x total zoom, automatic/manual focus, image stabilizer, a respectable 3.3 megapixel sensor and night vision. It can be connected easily to your computer through the USB port and also to other home entertainment system through the HDMI port. It is full HD 1080p.