Taking pictures outdoors offers a unique opportunity to mix daylight with your camera’s flash to produce a rewarding image. In addition to that, the natural beauty of the setting makes your model look more attractive.

You never want too much light to show in your work. Your lighting tools should never take attention away from your models, the setting or the clothes they are wearing.


Tips for Photography : Shooting Natural Light Outdoor Fashion Post

Your camera can be adjusted to give you good shots on really hot days. Pick a shutter speed that does not give your model too much or too little exposure. Some people prefer to shoot in the shade to avoid too much harsh sun.

Others get rid of excess sunlight in their photos in other ways. It is not always convenient to shoot in the shade, since by doing so you can miss out on some of the natural scenery you want to capture in the photo.

Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use Natural Light and Fill Flash

Get Rid of Harsh Shadows In Outdoor Photographs with a Scrim

Many photographers use a scrim to diffuse sunlight when they are outdoors. You can either build this yourself or buy it online or offline at a local photo supplies shop. A scrim will let you shoot outside for longer since you will not have to avoid the hottest periods during the day. You can also move around more freely to take your picture,s instead of being confined to areas where there is more shade.

You can easily build a scrim using PVC and fabric. The fabric will let light through and even it at the same time. This gives you the diffuse lighting you want without any harsh shadows. Store bought scrims can easily be rotated so they give good diffuse lighting no matter how you position your model.

Diffusion Panels for Outdoor Video Lighting

Lighting Tips and Techniques That Help You Save Time and Improve Efficiency When Shooting Pictures Outdoors

You should always travel with less equipment when taking photos outdoors. This helps you to protect sensitive and costly photographic devices from the elements. It allows you to move around more freely as well, since you will not be hampered by the weight of heavy gear.

Carrying around heavy equipment can make you feel tired and miserable. There are several things you can do to make your life easier. Preparing yourself to take good shots saves time since you can get to the type of image that you want more quickly. Follow these tips to control your lighting, get great pictures outdoors and prevent damage to sensitive equipment:

  1. Use a shoe mount flash for lighting to avoid using heavier light sources.
  2. Adjust your camera exposure for natural light
  3. Balance sunlight naturally by using OctoDome or other lighting tools that do not draw too much attention
  4. Use a scrim or stay in the shade

How to Photograph a Model Outdoors Using an Off- Camera Flash

Which Cameras do Fashion Photographers Like to Use?

People who are into photographing fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories usually want tools that help them get great pictures. While you might assume that the only gear worth having is probably expensive, that's not so. You can find good cameras that allow you to take beautiful photos of dresses, boots, hats and earrings without tearing a large hole in your pocket. These capture the fine details in all types of materials, including metal, cotton, leather, wool and linen.

When shopping for top quality photographic gear that you plan to use outdoors, you should consider the following brands and models:

  1. Olympus PEN EP-1
  2. Samsung NX-10
  3. Nikon D3X

Nikon D3X

The Nikon D3X has 100 percent viewfinder coverage. It offers two live shooting modes and continuous shooting at up to 5 frames per second (fps). It uses a CMOS sensor and has a resolution of up to 24.5 megapixels.

If you are looking for a tool that combines old school SLR technology with the best digital innovations, you will find it in this model. It offers higher resolution than the D3 without letting go of any of the fantastic features that both amateur and professional photographers liked about that model.

This Nikon weighs around 7 pounds, so it is fairly easy to carry around with you wherever you go, even if you plan to be doing a little bit of climbing while taking your photos.

Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)
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(price as of Feb 12, 2014)

Samsung NX-10

The Samsung NX-10 has built in image optical stabilization. It offers 3X optical zoom and is a top rated unit for those who want to step up from point and shoot cameras. It is much lighter than the Nikon D3X and weighs a little over three pounds.

While the Samsung NX-10 is small and light, it is well made and will not get damaged easily. It supports an optional external GPS and takes very clear and detailed photographs.

Olympus PEN EP-1

The Olympus PEN EP-1 can record HD video. This model uses an interchangeable lens and has fast auto focus. It offers in camera creative features that can be used with still images of models in the outdoors and videos that you take of your surroundings.

The Olympus PEN EP-1 weighs about four pounds. If you like amateur photography, you can easily fit it in your pocket or handbag when attending any style event that takes place in a natural setting. If you are a beauty blogger and enjoy taking pictures of fashionable clothing that you see being worn on the street, you can quickly ask for permission and take a photo without being hampered by bulky equipment.

Mastering the basics of photography will help you to take better pictures all the time, regardless of which equipment you use. If you hope to make money by taking photos of models outdoors, consider taking a class offered by a local photographer or a college in your community.

You can also consider learning more through the book, Fashion Photography: A Complete Guide to the Tools and Techniques of the Trade. This book is written by Bruce Smith, a professional who has been teaching online for several years. He also teaches a master class in New York city.