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Canon makes the best dslr camera for beginners. This is based on a combination of factors including price, availability, expansion and support. When starting out, beginners need good value, and better support. They get it with the Canon line of dslr cameras.

What is a DSLR Camera?
A DSLR camera, or Digital Single Lens Reflex, is a camera that operates as the old 35mm film cameras did. These units have optics within that let the photographer view the image through the lens which is the same as what is to be recorded. In contrast, other types of devices have either an electronic viewfinder, or one that has it's own optics. True SLR and DSLR allow a more accurate view of the image as it is being recorded.

Best Canon Camera
The best Canon camera may be a DSLR or one of the point and shoot models. The manufacturer is one of the most respected in the imaging world. They produce a large number of distinct models. They are available for beginners, more advanced photographers, and professionals. Prices reflect the market segment of the intended use. Beginner models are cheaper and professional models are more money, perhaps much more. Because of the large number of canon digital camera models, it is difficult to pick a best one. Each is particularly suited for a given purpose. The point and shoot models are small and lightweight. The SL1 offers many creative functions to be easily used. The T5i is optimized for general purpose photography and video capture.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR with 18-55mm STM Lens
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(price as of Jan 20, 2015)

Best DLSR Camera for Beginners

The Canon SL1 is a fine starter unit. It is very small, and lightweight. When coupled with a light lens, it is very easy to use for everyone. It packs a lot of features, however. It has many creative modes built in. Because it is in the Canon line, it can be used with the suite of EF and EF-S lenses. Owners of this unit report that it is excellent for traveling. It is incredibly light compared to other more bulky models. It performs very well in low light conditions. Much of the body is made of plastic so care is needed when using it. All owners should consider the purchase of a protective camera bag to hold it.

Canon DSLR Lenses
All DSLR cameras have many lens configuration options. While many of the units are sold with a standard lens, many others are available for separate purchase. These come as fixed, or prime, focal lengths, or as zoom models. The zoom feature allows the photographer to vary the focal length as needed to capture more, or less, as an image, with optical magnification. Lenses are sold as wide angle, macro, and standard. Wide angle units allow more of a scene to be captured. They are excellent for landscape shots. Macro lenses are used to capture small images which usually require more magnification. These lenses also allow the subject to be very close to the lens and still be in focus. Standard lenses capture images which approximate the view recorded by normal eyesight. There are other specialty lenses available for the Canon as well.


Canon DSLR models such as the T5i, SL1, 5D, 6D and 70D, are all compatible with the EF lens mount. This mount was previously used with older 35mm units as well. There are many EF lenses available in the used market at reasonable prices. The T5i, SL1 and 70D are also able to use EF-S lenses. These are lighter weight components. They use more plastic in the housing so handling with care is vital.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens
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Number one best selling EF unit.

Best DLSR Walkaround Lens

The best DSLR walkaround lens is that which can be used to take a majority of shots. It should provide good flexibility and reasonable performance. It should also be relatively inexpensive. Canon makes several models that match these criteria. Usually a walkaround lens is a zoom model to allow the photographer to vary the magnification easily. However, the EF 50mm f/1.8 II is highly regarded for walkaround purposes. It is very inexpensive and lightweight. It offers very good performance. Because it is a fixed lens, it requires the photographer to move around more to capture different shots. The EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM, another fixed walkaround, is a good choice as well. It offers a wider image capture than the 50mm. This, however, is only usable for models such as the T5i, the 70D and the SL1. The best walkaround zoom lens is perhaps the EF-S 17-55mm F/2.8 IS USM lens. This unit, however, is somewhat expensive. One that is highly regarded by owners, made by Sigma, not Canon, is the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM. This is an excellent performing lens which offers good optics for the price. For full frame DSLR like the 6D, the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L is well regarded by owners. 

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras
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Amazing optical performance for beginners and advanced photographers. Premium price, however.

DSLR for Beginners

In many ways, the DSLR is more technology than is needed for beginning photographers. Modern units have a long list of features which were only available in professional units, not long ago. As prices decreased, features were added. Now these devices are incredibly powerful. They are hardly beginner units, except, perhaps, for the price. They are very capable and will serve their owners for many years to come. Being Canon units, they will be well supported by the manufacturers.