The best car chases in the history of Cinema

If there’s one thing that’s better than a great car, it’s two great cars – chasing each other! Car chases have thrilled cinema goers for decades. Whether it’s the sight of two cars being pushed to the limit, or just the fast paced camera work that keeps us excited, there’s no denying that a good car chase can be breathless stuff. Below you’ll a collection of my favourite chases from cinematic history – hold on to your hats!


Ronin isn’t the best known film in the world, but to those who have seen the film, that can be hard to believe. With an incredible cast including Robert De Niro and Jean Reno, and directed by the incredibly talented John Frankenheimer, it should have perhaps had more success.

The film is of course incredibly well known for its chase scenes. Filmed in inner city Paris, some of the action has you gripping the edge of your seat. Although stunt drivers were used in the filming, it’s incredibly impressive to see a BMW 5 series saloon being driven sideways around the corners of busy Parisien streets!


As far as chase scenes go, it doesn’t get much better than the Italian Job. Any film that starts off with a Lamborghini Miura gets my vote, but it has to be said that the action packed chase sequences – all filmed in Turin – are up there with most movies of the present day in terms of heart stopping excitement. Of course, form a British Perspective, seeing humble little Mini Cooper’s haring around Italy is fantastic!


Steven Spielberg’s first film that made it across the Atlantic is pretty much car chase from start to finish – albeit with the car being chased by something that looks like half tractor and half fuel tanker!

The fantastic thing about duel is that you can never really tell what is going to happen throughout the film. You get the sense that it is all going to go horribly wrong for the film’s protagonist, but as we have subsequently learnt from Spielberg films – there is normally a happy ending!

I love duel in a different way to the other films featured in this list. The chase scenes aren’t high octane, but the tension that builds up throughout the film is almost tangible,and by the end of it you almost feel like you have escaped the crazed truck driver yourself!


Bullitt really is the only film that could finish number one in a list like this! With a combination of  beautiful cars, great cinematography, a perfect backdrop and one of the most famous chase scenes in history, did you really think anything else could possibly come top of this poll?

The chase scene in Bullitt seems so real – especially when it is held up against scenes in modern day films. Cgi graphics weren’t an option, so almost every part of the chase scene in Bullitt happened exactly as you see it.

Seeing those iconic cars bouncing around on the hills of San Fransisco again brings back just how exciting this car chase is.It’s number one and likely to stay that way.