Top Rated Choices

To have a better sound quality in my car, I needed the best car digital media receiver on the market. I checked out several different ones and was able to develop my own best car digital media receivers reviews to help me make an educated decision. 

One of the car digital media receivers that I checked out was the Dual XD5250 In-dash CD/CD-RW car stereo with remote and front panel USB charging Port and Aux input. This receiver offers an electronic AM/FM tuner that is capable of holding 18 FM and 12 AM presets. It offers 60 watts of power that produce great sound in any vehicle. This receiver is easy to control as well as navigate and will provide a great sound for music as well as for voice listening. 

I also checked out the Sony DSX 5100 digital media receiver which I found to be of great quality. The music was clear and sharp and made listening a pleasure. It has a display that shows the time, the source of the music, the artist and even the track. The Tune Tray allows me to store my walkman, MP3 or iPod without having to deal with a bunch of unsightly wires. This high tech media receiver will even alert me if I leave my ipod or MP3 player in the receiver which I though was a great security device. 

Pioneer has the Pioneer MVH-P7300 3" In-dash AV Receiver with iPod/Iphone Control and Pandora that opens up a whole new world for the music lover in their vehicle. It also features the MOSFET 50 watt x4 peak power and three 4V RCA preamp out inputs for system expansion. The 3 inch display screen makes it easy to read and this receiver is simple to operate without distracting me from my driving responsibilities.

Sony also offer the DSXS3100TX digital media receiver with the Pandora System. This system is a great system that is built with great quality as well as easy to operate. I can use my Smartphone and even my tablet to broaden my listening experience with this receiver. Bluetooth technology is also standard with this receiver and it offers a great audio quality that makes music as well as voices more real to life. This system made sitting in my car and listening to music seem as though I was sitting at a concert with out all of the noise that a crowd might add. I was very impressed with it's performance.