Since the 1970’s, the classic card game of Uno has entertained millions of children and adults alike.  In this game, a little bit of chance and a little bit of strategy help you get rid of the cards in your hand to win.  Read on to find other great card based games that sure to bring smiles to every family. 

Phase 10

For 2 to 6 Players | Ages 8+

Created in the 1980s, Phase 10 is a variant of the classic card game Rummy.  In this game, the first person to play all ten phases wins the game.  A phase is composed of players collecting varying sets and colors of cards.  As play progresses, it is progressively more difficult to meet the requirements of each phase.  Only players who successfully complete a phase during a round can move onto the next phase.  Phase 10 has sold over 32 million copies and is the second most popular card game in the world behind only Uno.  This game is a must for anyone who enjoys a good, simple card game. 

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Mille Bornes

For 2, 3, 4, or 6 Players | Ages 8+

Mille Bornes is a French card racing game in which the object is to be the first player to accumulate 500 miles travels.  Each player thought to be racing a car, but other players can throw down hazard cards to slow down your trek to the finish line.  This game can be a little intimidating at first but makes for a great time once you get the hang of it. 


For 1 to 8 Players | Ages 8+

Similar to Uno in gameplay and similar to Scrabble in strategy, Quiddler is a card game in which players must spell out English words from the cards in their hand.  Each card in Quiddler has one letter or a common combination of letters in the English language.  A corresponding number is also included on each card, much like Scrabble.  After each completed round of Quiddler an extra card is added to each player’s hand, resulting in more words and word combinations.  Bonus points are given to the person with the longest words and the person with the most words. 


Five Crowns

For 2 to 7 Players | Ages 10+

In this relatively new rummy-like card game, players must amass sets and runs of cards in a deck of cards that has five suits. In each successive round of play, a card is added to each player’s hand with the number of cards dealt determining which cards are wild (In the first round, three cards are dealt, and the threes are wild).  An entire game of Five Crowns consists of eleven rounds, meaning that players must learn to organize a massive amount of cards by the end of the game.  In Five Crowns, it is said that the game is not over until “the Kings go wild!” since players can dramatically come from behind in the last round of play. 


2 to 6 Players | Ages 7+

From the makers of Uno, Skip-Bo is another great card game in which players must get rid of all the cards in their stockpile, which consists of 20 cards.  To discard your deck, players must place their cards in shared “build” piles, or they can put extra cards in their own personal discard decks.  “Skip-Bo” cards can be played on any pile and make for a fast moving game. 


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