If you have carpeting in your house and are at the point of consider cleaning it, then here are some of the best carpet cleaners on the market, that are affordable and will do the job of cleaning your carpets.

But before you purchase a carpet cleaner, or carpet steam cleaner, you have to know just what you need. If you are only going to do this once in a while, as you don't get much traffic on the carpet, then you may be better just renting a unit, especially if it is for a medium to large sized room. The cost of renting a machine every few years saves you having to purchase and store carpet steam cleaners at the house.

But if you have a lot of carpet, and lots of traffic, and you would be renting a unit all the time, then it may be a better investment to purchase a carpet cleaner.

Now when looking for the best carpet cleaner, you also need to decide on the size of the unit, and what you are expecting from it. If you have a medium sized room, then you should try the:

Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 - This machine works well at deep cleaning, and leaving the carpet as dry as possible with the powerful suction it has when it comes to sucking back up the dirty water.Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner

It has a built in heater and is an upright machine. The one con to this product is that you do have to put it together and read the instructions carefully. You also need to empty the dirty water container often, but you can see the dirty water being sucked up, and you know the carpet is as dry as it can be when the water is no longer being sucked up from the carpet.

This carpet cleaner - carpet steamer is a good value, at under 200 dollars. If you have a lot of carpet, but not a lot of storage space, this New Hoover F5914-900 Steamvac With Clean Surge Steamvac With Clean Surge 12-Amp Motor does not take up a lot of room. This is a robust unit, and does well for larger rooms.

Bissell Quick Steamer Power Brush 2080 - This is a lightweight carpet steam cleaner, and is great for smaller carpeted areas, approximately 8 x 8 feet or less. This can be stored easily in a closet, but does a great job on this small areas or for quick spot cleaning. It has 2 half gallon tanks. It has a Bissell Quick Steamer Power Brushtendency to leave the carpet wetter, so you need to allow more time to dry.

But this does work well on area rugs and spot cleaning, and is priced at approximately 100 dollars.

Bissell Little Green - This is a portable carpet cleaner, mostly used for furniture and stairs. Portable machines, don't always have the suction that is needed to get rid of the water from the carpeting because of their less powerful motors, but this particular model actually works quite well for spot cleaning, and especially I found on the stair treads if you have a runner or carpeted stairs.Little Green Machine carpet cleaner

This Bissell Bissell Little Green ProHeat Turbo Carpet Cleaner, 1425B also can be used for the car. Since it is lightweight and portable, it does a good job.

Best Carpet Cleaner

When searching for the best carpet cleaner for your home, you have a few choices. You can research the above models of carpet steam cleaners, or you can rent a industrial carpet cleaner, or you can hire a service to clean your carpets.

It all depends on how much carpeting you have, and just how involved you want to be. If you have a family and pets and tend to get a lot of spills, then it may be a good idea to have a carpet cleaner on hand.

You can also use chemical products that you spray on your carpet then vacuum off. But these usually take off the surface dirt.

Consider your needs first before you go shopping for the best carpet cleaner for your home, and then take the time to put it together and read the instructions carefully. Then test it on a hidden piece of the carpet to make sure it works well. I found they work best if you use the carpet cleaner or detergent they recommend for the unit. Also see Cheap Carpet Steam Cleaners - Where to Find Them and Best Carpet Cleaners for Pet Stains for more ideas.