If you are in the market to purchase a vehicle within your budget, the question may have crossed your mind, what are my options? Many people may not know, but cars do not have to have a hefty price tag to be reliable. There are many cars out there that are easy on your wallet and still prove to be dependable. Once your budget is established you are on your way to the next step of finding the best cars under 10000 dollars.

Since your budget has already been established, you will now need to decide what type of car best fits you. You have two options: the first is purchasing a higher end used vehicle; the second is purchasing a more affordable new car. If you are aiming to purchase a brand new car, it will more than likely be a compact vehicle, or a base model without all of the bells and whistles. Buying new may be a necessity to those who do not want to purchase a car that is previously owned and they do not have the history on.

For consumers aiming to purchase cars under 10000 dollars, the top choice today is the 2010 Nissan Versa. This car retails for less than 10000. It is a younger model manufactured by Nissan similar to the Nissan Sentra. Although the Versa is much smaller than the Sentra, it also costs a lot less. Along with being dependable, it has a modern style popular among young age groups. More important than the modern look of the vehicle, is that the Versa comes installed with all of the new safety features, like front and side airbags and ABS, along with aerodynamic improvements. Mechanically, the engine is small, only 107 hp and 1.8 liter. This small engine can be cost efficient when it comes to gas prices these days. You can also upgrade to a larger engine, 122 hp and 1.8 liters, but this option also costs more out of pocket and will bring the price range for your vehicle over 10000. The Versa comes standard with a five speed manual transmission and the option for an automatic. Some additional features of this affordable car is a traction control system, cruise control, navigation and power locks.

Another option when searching for new cars is the newly released Hyundai Accent. This car not only offers a low, but affordable maintenance as well. The Accent sports a fuel efficient engine along with a light weight body which makes it a very affordable car on not only the sticker price, but also the monthly running costs. The GLS model four door sedan comes manufactured with a 4 cylinder, 110 hp engine, making its engine more powerful than its rival the Nissan Versa. Like the Versa, 5 speed manual transmissions is standard, with the option to upgrade to 4 speed automatic. Also similar to the Versa, safety features include front and side curtain airbags, and ABS. The car is very maneuverable, has a sturdy chassis, and handles well at high speeds.

Ultimately, if you are in the market to purchase a new car under 10000, the Nissan Versa or Hyundai Accent may be one of the best new cars under 10000.