Best Cash Back Card Reviews
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Things You Will Need

Some experience or knowledge of cash back credit cards and a desire for cash back credit card offers.

Step 1

The best cash back card reviews help the average consumer gain the most reward for dollars spent on those cash back credit cards. Credit card companies are tightening their belts but they still offer cash back cards with rewards for spending with their cards so be alert for the cash back card that maximizes your spending. These are the best overall cash back rewards cards with the best returns for the least fuss.

Step 2

Unless you want to carry a pocket full of cash back credit cards around and calculate which should be used for which purchase it is best to have a decent idea as to where most of your spending is done. The best cash back cards will give you the most rewards for the least hassle and the lowest fees on what YOU spend.

Step 3

If you pay off your balance monthly and don't incur excessive interest charges, then you are carrying that card for convenience and for credit purposes so we won't go into APR on these cards but the simple overall easiest to obtain rewards.

Step 4

American Express Blue Cash Credit Card - no annual fee, no limit on rewards and an exceptional list of items that you can earn cash back on. On the negative side if you carry a balance this card has a high APR.

Step 5

Chase Freedom Credit Card - No annual fee, no limit on rewards, variety of rewards and increased cash back rewards for shopping online at their site. This cash back card also accepts those with less than excellent credit but the APR may be much higher.

Step 6

Discover More Card - No annual fee, no rewards limit, and increased cash back rewards for shopping online at their site. Lower than average APR if you carry a balance.

Step 7

Cash reward cards can save you money there is no doubt and the trick is to maximize your rewards without increasing the hassle in your everyday life. Overall, the ones listed above are the most flexible among the current cash back rewards cards. You should bear in mind though that, as with every credit card you should read all the fine print. Any part of any credit card can be changed with the proper notice so not only may your interest rates be variable but your cash back rewards as well. If you commonly carry a balance on your credit card, you should take the APR into account as well as the promised cash back rewards.


Tips & Warnings

To maximize your cash back rewards review the terms of the cash back reward card. Higher percentages of cash back rewards usually come with more restrictions as to where and what purchases are rewarded. This no problem if it matches your buying habits.