Best Mobile Phones for Seniors and the Elderly

As cell phones advance, they can also become more difficult to use especially for seniors, the elderly and people with disabilities- that’s why many want to know what the best cell phones for elderly people are.

Let’s face it, seniors and elderly folks are apart of a huge technological expansion. And as we all age, our needs change.

An older person simply doesn’t have the same needs or desires for the latest smart phone, but they do still require a need to use a phone, one which caters to their physical needs and limitations.

The best phone for a senior, elderly person or even those with sight problems should have the ability to actually use the phone, see the display and dial numbers on the device. Luckily, there are companies out here today, which are addressing the need and creating mobile phones for elderly people.

What Features Should A Phone for an Elderly Person Have?

  • A Large and Visible Screen
  • Separated Keys for Easy Dialing
  • Quick and Accessible Button for Emergencies (911, Family, etc)
  • Easy to Carry
  • Large Enough to Find
  • Bold Colors for Easy Location
  • Amplified speaker

Top Three Cell Phones for Elderly


Consumer Cellular Doro 410Credit: Consumer Cellular


Consumer Cellular has hit the market with their own version of a senior mobile phone. The phone is called the Doro-410. The phone addresses the above needs that an older person would have in a phone. It has a bright display that’s large enough to see. It’s also important to note that Consumer Cellular has some great plans for seniors at a reduced cost. Consumer Cellular is also endorsed by AARP and has been termed as the AARP mobile phone for seniors



Snap Phon for the ElderlyCredit: Amazon.comSnapPhon also has a great phone for seniors. The plan, similar to Consumer Cellular, starts at $10 a month, with unlimited talking for seniors at $39.95. The Snap Phon is also equipped for S.O.S dialing and has programmable options to add up to 4 emergency phone numbers. This phone also comes with a speakable function which dials numbers on voice command. The speaker is loud as well. It’s important to note here for Snap Phon that this phone is only compatible on ATT and T-Mobile network. So if you currently have ATT or T-Mobile service you can just move your SIM card over to this Snap Phon.


Just5 Mobile Phone for Seniors

Just 5 Mobile For Elderly PeopleCredit: Amazon.comThis big button phone is also well equipped for an elderly person to use right away. The buttons like the other two phones are large, easily visible, separated. There is also an amplified sound option. It also utilizes a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) similar to what is in the medical alarm systems, bracelets and other devices. This phone can also be used on ATT and T-Mobile Networks by just taking the SIM out of your current device and putting the card into this device.


What are the Cons to Senior and Elderly Mobile Phones?

Some people may be curious in regards to what the drawbacks are to these senior and elderly mobile phones. And there are some obvious ones. One is that, these aren't smart phones, so if you're looking for any advanced data or web browsing, you may have to look to the smart phone alternatives like the Iphone's or Android phones. Additionally, these phones weren't designed to do alot of texting either. In some cases, there are reports that texting is slow and hard to type. Well for good reason, these senior mobile phones were never designed for texting and other advanced data programs.

The best phones for elderly are one’s that have large displays, separated well placed keys and an amplified speaker so that an older person is able to hear the phone well.