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Hard of Hearing Cell Phones

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If you suffer from mild to severe hearing loss, you probably know the difficulties of cell phone communication. Finding a cell phone for the hearing impaired can be extremely tricky, since most do not produce great sound even at the best of times. On a loud and busy street, communication can be near impossible.

This article is designed to help anyone seeking the best cell phones for the hearing impaired. We'll talk about the technology of hearing impaired cell phones and how they work. We'll touch on the different requirements you might have and cell phones that could help cover those areas, and we'll talk about the best brands out there, and what you can expect to see price wise.

Let's begin and learn more about cell phones for the hard of hearing!

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Technology and How They Work:

Cell Phones for the Hearing Impaired

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For anyone with hearing loss, the usual cure is to increase the volume, and a hearing impaired cell phone is no different. Just like how various types of hearing aids will amplify ambient sound and project them into your ears, a cell phone for hard of hearing will allow for greatly increased volume and clarity.

The easiest way for them to manage this is to increase the overall power capacity, speaker size and quality, and the amplification circuitry in the phone itself. Overall, this means a higher quality phone with better and sturdier construction. It also means your hearing impaired cell phone will likely weigh and cost a bit more than a conventional one, a result of all the extra tech stuffed in there.

Some features of hard of hearing cell phones include better quality and larger speakers for better clarity and volume, improved 'ring lights' to let you know visually if you're receiving a call, increased ring tone volumes and better vibration technology to alert the user to incoming calls, and some carry larger buttons and improved screen clarity for those who are visually impaired too. 

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Options and Choices

Cell Phones for Hearing Impaired

If you're looking for a cell phone for the hard of hearing, you might be a bit disappointed with the overall selection. There are a lot of models out there, yes, but not all of them have the fancy features and newest technology on them. It's all about demand, and since there is a lower demand for this technology than for standard types, it can be tricky tracking down what you want.

Fortunately, many conventional cell phones have options that make them almost on par with hearing impaired cell phones out there. Many newer smart phones have high quality speakers and can be programmed (through apps) to produce at higher volume than usual.

Cell phones for the hearing impaired also include improvements over conventional land lines, such as texting. Texts allow the user another form of communication that isn't reliant on audio, so a good quality smart phone that allows easy input of data is a great idea. 

You can augment your hearing impaired cell phone by purchasing accessories such as vibration clips that allow you to recognize a missed call

Potential Issues:

Cell Phones for the Hearing Impaired

There are some issues you could run into when using a cell phone for the hearing impaired.

First off, a hearing impaired cell phone isn't compatible for people who don't require amplification. If you plan to share your cell phone with someone who doesn't have any hearing loss, think again; they will likely find the phone very painful to use.

Secondly, if you have a hearing aid you might find you cell phone creates interference with it. This can create white noise or buzzing that makes a conversation almost impossible. In order to avoid this, you'll need to be aware of the 'microphone' and 'telecoil' rating of your hearing aid and your cell phone. Make sure they are compatible, or you'll experience fuzz.

You may also want to experiment with whether or not your hearing aid works with your hard of hearing cell phone, comfort wise. If you have an over the ear or in the ear hearing aid, you might experience some discomfort with having a certain phone pressed against your ear. Try them out and make sure!

Brands and Models To Consider

Cell Phones for the Hearing Impaired

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There are some specific brands out there designed for those with hearing loss, and they are all good choices. It should be noted that many of these devices are designed for senior citizens, so they'll include a simple user interface and large buttons. Cell phones for the hearing impaired are often simple and straightforward (a plus for some, a negative for others).

Some of the best brands for hearing impaired cell phones are AT&T, T-Mobile (the Sidekick series in particular) Clarity and HandlePlus. All of these brands include phones with higher than average decibel ratings specifically designed for anyone with hearing impairment. 

The decibel rating and the quality of the speaker and amplifier are the most important things to consider in any brand. Cell phones for the hard of hearing need to be able to produce high volume without losing quality. 

Good Luck!