With women (and a few men) all over the world becoming more and more concerned about appearances, several companies have risen to the challenge to claim the title "Cellulite Buster."

It's true that as we age our bodies age with us and I quickly begin to see what kind of havoc time can reap on a body that's not Ill taken care of.

There are several great answers, however, that come in all shapes and sizes and the best cellulite treatments are out there to answer the call of a less than desirable posterior.

From creams to laser treatments to professional salons, there is literally no beauty salon that isn't trying to capitalize on the beauty and cosmetics industry.

While laser treatments and professional cellulite body wraps are the number one preferred method for getting rid of cellulite, they aren't exactly the most affordable. Body wraps are about $100-$200 a session with a requirement that will almost always suggest you go more than just one time.

In the end, if paying someone to dress you up like a mummy isn't your thing then you should consider other methods.

Laser treatments for cellulite aren't as effective as you would like them to be and can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in the end.

While laser treatments can definitely tighten up your skin, the old adage "no pain, no gain" will ring true with this method and unless you're a little more on the richer side of the scale you might not see the point in spending so much for so little results.

The most affordable and most abundant option most of us see is in the market or drugstore: creams. Among other more affordable methods, creams are the most popular and cost literally so little that nearly anyone can try one without feeling guilty.

While the top brands like Revitol and Cellulean are a hefty $40 - $80, most creams come in cute little round numbers like $10 - $20.

Most recently, Nivea launched their "Goodbye Cellulite" challenge with their new product that claims to pump out results in just a couple short weeks.

There are even skin "buffing" methods with at home spa treatments that will produce a favorable result with a little "ouch" or pain involved.

While all of these products produce results, no single one of them will rid you of cellulite completely without religious use. This can quickly become costly and earn you pricey medical or spa bills that you never intended.

The key is to not become obsessed and to shop around. Don't fool yourself into thinking you see results when you're not and be sure to take pictures – even though that's probably the last thing you'd like to take a picture of.

The idea behind beauty treatments: beautify and improve what you all ready possess. Becoming carried away with your quest for the best cellulite treatments can be devastating and exhausting for both you and your skin.