Many people have struggled for years with unruly hair. Some struggle to control curls while others are simply trying to keep frizz tamed in otherwise straight hair. The solution to both problems and any that may fall in between is to find the best ceramic flat iron. There are many different versions of ceramic flat irons but do not jump on the first one you find. Research and thought will definitely make your life easier in this matter simply because there are so many choices in so many different price ranges.


Best Ceramic Flat Iron for the Money

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron,.jpgThe best ceramic flat iron for the money is the Paul Mitchell Express Ion smoothing iron. The plates are one and a quarter inch wide which is a nice width to handle. It is equipped with ceramic heaters to evenly distribute heat across the plates. It also addresses another problem many face which is static electricity. The iron uses negative ions to neutralize static electricity. The plate of the flat iron has beveled edges so it doesn't leave a mark where the flat iron was first placed. The plates of the iron are also very slender making close to the scalp straightening a breeze. It is also the best ceramic flat iron because of the variable temperature settings. The flat iron has settings going all the way up to four hundred degrees so choosing a temperature for different hair needs is easy. The Paul Mitchell express smooth also heats up quickly taking only sixty seconds to heat from zero all the way to four hundred degrees. It is also the best ceramic flat iron because it uses minimal energy. It only requires seventy five watts of electricity. There are several ways to locate one of these irons. A local salon is an easy avenue, or you can always look online. Be careful to price check because there is a wide range of prices being charged for the flat iron. The price on this iron can range anywhere from $89.95 to $160.00. There is another comparable iron that some would consider the best ceramic flat iron. This iron is made by Farouk. The Chi iron has plates that are one inch thick also making it light and easy to use. The temperature only reaches three hundred and ninety two degrees but that may be all you need. You can find these irons in a variety of places at an overwhelming array of prices. 

Hopefully this information will prove helpful in finding the best ceramic flat iron. There are many different irons out there but sometimes it is more worthwhile to spend the extra money on a good one than to spend a little a bunch of times on a cheap one.