Looking for the best ceramic travel mug with silicone lid on the market today. There are a lot of options for consumers to choose from these days as these ceramic coffee mugs have become quite popular but it never hurts to pour through all the reviews of actual customers on Amazon before making your purchase.

On Amazon specifically there are a number of ceramic and porcelain travel mugs for sale which use silicone lids and other types of rubberized sealing lids and they all have notable positive reviews. Most people want a ceramic mug because they are environmentally friendly. They are reusable, easy to clean, and many of the lids themselves can even be use on paper coffee cups of the same size. This can help decrease the use of plastic on the environment.

Best Ceramic Travel MugThe Trudeau Xpress Ceramic Tumbler is one of the most highly rated ceramic travel mugs for sale online. It has fantastic reviews and is a very popular item among customers. The Trudeau Xpress Ceramic Tumbler has a large selection of reviews from actual customers and most all of the reviews rave about his mug being the best for them.

This ceramic mug comes with a high quality silicone lid which does a great job at keeping heat in and according to nearly all of the customer reviews does not leak like many "not-a-paper-cup" travel mugs or similar eco-friendly coffee cups.

This ceramic coffee tumbler holds a modest 10 ounces of beverage making it slightly bigger than your ordinary coffee cup but smaller than heavily insulated thermal mugs. The size and materials also make this mug very easy to clean and store as it is dishwasher safe and relatively low profile sitting only 6 inches tall.

This ceramic coffee mug has a double wall and comes with a five year warrantee making it a safe choice for your money. There are a few similar mugs which may be slightly cheaper but if you want the best ceramic travel mug money can buy this may be hard to beat.

For your comfort Trudeau included a silicone sleeve to keep your fingers cool to the touch so even though ceramic mugs can get a bit hot this mug should be comfortable to use even on short car trips although it's probably best suited for office or home use.

Make sure to review the customer reviews of this ceramic coffee cup at the bottom of page on Amazon. Many of the customers address all the concerns you may have with buying ceramic mugs and many offer tips in case your not sure this is the best travel mug for your needs.