Best chat up lines for timid and shy men.

There are times you hear a chat up line that works and you wish you had tried it. Many men are shy and would love to have the confidence to chat up any woman they fancy. That is why some men came up with chat up lines in order to impress the women they are interested in. It can be difficult for certain men to approach a woman mostly when they are timid or shy. That is why some timid and shy men have decided to take matters into their hands and learn a few chat up lines. That being said, there is more to impress a woman than repeating some pre-recorded chat up lines.

Question: Women and men have been at it for centuries. Chat up lines have become an art and those who have mastered the art tend to get the girls. What is the best chat up line for timid and shy men?

Answer: There is nothing like the best chat up line for timid and shy men. It will depend on the context and what you final aim is. If you want a serious relationship, your chat up line needs to be simple and not too intimidating (nice eyes, want a drink?). The best chat up line for timid and shy men will be something like just making eye contact and smiling. That is not a chat up line but it can go a very long way to help timid and shy men get a head start. If you are in public transport (context), a smile, or talking about the rush hour can be helpful to get the ball rolling. The problem with chat up lines and timid or shy men is that they want to try too hard thinking that a romantic line will work in every situation

Question: You hate pets (dogs) and cannot take care of one. However, you have heard that pets can help with your chat up lines. Is it true that owning a dog can help timid or shy men with their chat up line?

Answer: The success you will get with your chat up line with depend on how cute your dog is. If you have a Rottweiler, it will not help your chat up line and will not prove that you are timid or shy. You need a little, cute dog that will show that you are vulnerable and you need a female to help you. If your dog is cute enough and you are timid or shy, women will probably just come up to you and chat you up. If the woman has a dog, you can just walk towards her and say something like "cute dog, my mother used to have one of these, what is you dog's name". It doesn't get any better than that if you are timid and shy and want to use an easy chat up line.

Question: There are things that are easy and others that are difficult to accomplish. Is it that difficult to chat up a girl? When can it be said that a shy or timid man is trying too hard?

Answer: Chatting up a girl is not that difficult but it is not that easy if you are shy or timid. If your chat up line is like "it is must be a sin to look that beautiful"; it is funny but it might be embarrassing for the woman. You are trying to impress her with your chat up line, your aim is not to embarrass her. Also stay away from chat up line that have sexual connotations like " every time I see you, it gets really hard for me". That is just terrible and will not show that you are a timid or shy man; it will show that you are probably a pervert. Don't try too hard with your chat up lines even if you are timid or shy, be contextual in what you say or do and that might help. Don't copy stupid chat up lines for shy and timid men from TV or a romantic movies.