Adjustable wrenches are among the most durable and versatile wrenches you can find. They are more times than not used on jobs where regular wrenches just wont get the job done. And the fact that there is more than just one type tells you that there are many specialty type jobs that call for tools such as these.

In this article we'll focus on the three main types that you can buy and the most common jobs that they are used for. Your home improvement job will thank you because finding the right wrench for the job will make it so much easier and a lot less time consuming.

The most common and widely used adjustable wrench there is, is known as a Crescent wrench. They come in about as many different sizes as a regular wrench and most households use them as an emergency type tool, as it's a lot easier to have a tool nearby that can quickly fit onto any size fastener quickly without the user fumbling around for the right size wrench.

Cheap Adjustable WrenchesWhether your emergency project is large or small, you're sure to find an adjustable wrench to suit your needs. And the fact that the jaws on these are angled at 15 degrees, helps make hard to reach fasteners not so hard to reach.

There's an old type wrench out there still making the home improvement rounds and that would be the monkey wrench. Made out of metal, this wrench is about as sturdy as they come. This is what you will want on large jobs in the garage or basement.

The long, straight handle means that this is one of those adjustable wrenches that weren't made for tight spaces. The long handle will provide you with all the torque you need for those long ago installed and hard to remove pipes.

This wrench also was known as gas grips, as they were originally made and used for gas pipes. The Stillson wrench is a tradesman wrench that is the preferred tool of choice for plumbers.

Whoever works on a regular basis with utility pipes will have one of these. Because of the pressure that needs to be maintained with a lot of the piping that this wrench was made for, a lot of strength and torque are typically needed to remove them. That's why out of all of the adjustable wrenches out there, this “pipe wrench” as it's also called, is the perfect wrench for this job.

The inside of the jaws on this wrench are serrated so as to give you the best grip on a pipe fitting that you can get. And if it's big enough, you can apply full body weight to it if you need to. Some of those pipes can be really stubborn.

Hopefully now you have a little better of an idea what types of cheap adjustable wrenches there are to be had and what their purposes are. Ask any do-it-youselfer and they'll tell you that they're some of the handiest tools you can own.