Car Speaker Shirt

Upgrading the speaker system in your car can be expensive but here are the 2 best cheap car audio speakers. By buying one of these speakers you can save your money for something more important such as the amps and a large subwoofer.

Radio Shack Boss Audio. These speakers will not win any awards at a sound off but they are great speakers for the money paid. You can buy these Boss Audio speakers online at and they will cost you around $16.00. They come in a few different sizes. If you simply need some cheap speakers with good sound quality for your old junker then heavily consider the Radio Shack Boss Audio speakers.

Radio Shack Boss Audio reviews has showed that many customers have been extremely pleased with these speakers. If you simply need to listen to the radio on your way to work then the Radio Shack Boss Audio speakers are great for getting some basic quality sound at a cheap price.

Red Label Speakers. You can buy cheap speakers and steeply discounted Red Label Speakers at They sell Red Label speakers in a variety of sizes. These cost a bit more than the Radio Shack Boss Audio speakers but you also get a better sound quality. If you want cheap speakers that proved pretty good quality then take a look at Car Audio Discount Plus and look at their range of cheap Red Label Speakers.

Kicker DS460 4"x6" DS Series 2 Way Coaxial Speakers. These cheap kicker speakers can be found online for less than $50.00. They are not the cheapest speakers but they are extremely cheap considering the sound quality. If these speakers are properly installed you will truly be amazed at the speaker quality.

After having these coaxial speakers installed you will soon be looking to add an amp and a subwoofer.

Cheap Car Audio Speakers. If you need some cheap car audio speakers then window shop online. Many times you can find a higher quality brand of cheap car speakers for less money online then a lesser brand would cost if you bought them locally. You can also buy used speakers online from websites such as Ebay. If you buy cheap used speakers online you need to make sure the seller is reputable if ordering from EBay.

Craigslist is another great website to use to find cheap car audio speakers. Many times someone will invest thousands of dollars into their car audio system and then have an emergency come up where they need cash fast. You can sometimes score awesome deals on used and even new car audio speakers by browsing Craigslist.

One of the benefits of buying locally from a speaker shop is you will get you car stereo audio speakers installed properly. If you buy cheap speakers online and then blow them because you did not install them properly it will cost you more than if you had simply bought some quality speakers from your local stereo shop and had them professionally installed.