hiking date

Just because you do not have as much money as you would like, it does not mean that you cannot have a good dating life. There are several things that you can do to spend time together as a date that will not cost as much as even a movie, and still be graded as a great date. If you are not sure about the types of dates that you can have, then read on for a few of the best cheap date ideas.


Hiking is a great idea to spend time with someone. It is out in the open, you are busy the entire time and you can talk to each other while walking or while taking a small break. Most hiking trails you will not have to pay any money for and no matter where you are you will be able to find a trail within just a few miles. Hiking also sends a message that you care about your body and that you love nature which are things that most people of the opposite sex will appreciate. Hiking does not look cheap because of the scenery that you are both sharing. Very few dates will give you the surroundings to match what you would get while you are hiking.

Head To The Park

There are many good things that you can do at the park if you are looking for cheap dates. Many communities will feature plays, movies speeches, live music etc. Most of the time these events are free to the community; you could have a great time doing something fun and not have to spend more money than food, drinks and the occasional snack. Another great reason to pick the park is that it is a public place. Going to one of these events guarantees that there will be people around so it could make for a safe first date if you do not know the other person well enough yet.


So a bookstore does not sound like a great place for a date, but it can in fact be the better choice if you have spoken about a type of book that you like. The better bookstores will have “meet the author” events and you could get a signed copy of a book. If that is not the case you can also visit the coffee shop inside the bookstore which is something that is becoming a lot more common. Having a coffee, while you also get a chance to meet the author of a book is a good choice for your date.

Ice-Skating And Inline-Skating

Another great cheap activity that is a great date is to go inline-skating or ice-skating in the winter. For inline-skating you will need your own skates, but you will not have to pay to skate in most locations. For ice-skating you will be able to rent the equipment which is not very expensive and return it when done. If you cannot skate, then look at the possibility of going for a bike ride as it is just as fun and affordable.

Street Festivals

Street festivals are full of fun things to do. You will find games, music, food, handcrafts and other things which are cheap and attending the event is most of the time free. Check the town’s schedule and arrange the date for that day. You can spend a couple of hours at a street festival and not spend more than 20 dollars in it. A great option is to visit a medieval fair if you have one near you. It has all the things a street fair has, but with a fun medieval twist.

a fair is a cheap date idea