Although everyone wants to pull out the stops on Halloween, it's only one day of the year and the following year will require something totally different. So why spend an exorbitant amount of money for a costume that will only be worn once?

Cheap Halloween costumes for women can be fun, flirty, and sexy without one having to spend a lot of money if one uses some creativity.

The object of a costume is become something other than what one normally is. A banker or lawyer might want to become a bum, an athlete may want to become someone who's unhealthy and a little overweight, and someone who sees themselves as a "plain Jane" might want to become someone sexy and drop-dead gorgeous.

To achieve any desired looks only takes a little imagination, makeup, and apparel that is matched so that it is different than what generally worn.

Trends today cover a wide range of attire and there are many ways to get what you want without spending a ton of money. Therefore, the theme and budget should be the first items on the list along with early preparation.

Whether one elects to go with the devil's mistress, a character from Avatar, or a sexy kitten, do-it-yourself techniques will help to ensure the right look is achieved. It's important to remember that in this case, however, it's the makeup that makes the costume just as it does for the body painted character that is perfect for the right type of body.

For those who would rather rely on the dress to reveal who they have become there are many classics that are still on the top ten list. Alice in Wonderland, a saloon girl, or even Marie Antoinette still score high on the list because of the costumes that set them apart.

If it's not in the budget to buy, or the skill just isn't there for homemade, there are many rental shops that have a variety of choices and charge very reasonable fees.

So, what are the things that women should avoid this holiday season? Don't show so much skin it leaves nothing to the imagination. According to a men's survey they would rather wonder what's under the costume than be shown everything one has to offer.

Avoid wings. In a party where it will be crowded wings not only become a hazard, but end up being removed before the night is over because they have a tendency to be awkward. And, don't where the same thing everyone else is unless it's a theme party. Call the girlfriends to find out what they have in mind then dare to be different; you will be more memorable.

The object of Halloween is to have a good time while scaring away all the bad spirits that accumulate during the year. Although it's become a children's holiday, it doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it too.

For cheap Halloween costumes for women, there are many choices so the first thing one should do is look in the closet and see what's available in order to save the cost of a brand new costume that could run into hundreds of dollars.

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