Best Cheap Mascaras Under $10

We are constantly looking for the best mascaras. It always seems that mascaras are short lived and there is always a new and better one that comes on the market. The best mascaras are even better when they are cheap in price. Especially since mascaras don't last long and we always want to try different ones. 

Our search for the best mascara seems never ending so here is a list of 6 best mascaras to try out. It's a great list of the top best mascaras under $10 bucks that you can get at the local drug store. Since the prices are all under $10, it gives you a little wiggle room to experiment and try out different ones.


  1. MAYBELLINES "ONE BY ONE" MASCARA-  Right now this is a favorite and has been popular among many people. It doesn't clump and it does lengthen the lashes plus it separates the lashes very good, hence the name, one by one. I found myself trying another mascara, then coming back to this mascara to separate the lashes.
  2. MAYBELLINES "THE FALSIES" MASCARA- Another great mascara from maybelline. They have a few different types under the Falsies name, but they seem to all work the same. It is a     heavier mascara and gives a more dramatic look. Great for evening makeup.
  3. COVER GIRLS "LASH BLAST"- The biggest brush ever for luscious volumized lashes and makes your lashes thick and flare.
  4. MAYBELLINE "GREAT LASH MASCARA"- This classic still makes the list because many makeup artist still swear by it and it's less than $7 bucks so you can't beat it. The small wand grabs hard to reach hairs, but it easily comes  off with water which is a positive and negative. It easily washes off, but it also easily comes off with a little bit of water, so if your watching a tearful movie, don't wear this mascara! You can opt for the waterproof, but it seems waterproof mascaras usually do more harm than good and sometimes take a lot of work to get off at night.
Best cheap mascara

5. RIMMELS "SEXY CURVES MASCARA"- An exclusive curvy brush designed to maximize the lashes and plump them up with a protein plumping formula that strengthens the lashes over time. A great mascara to try, it definitely volumizes your lashes.

6. L'OREAL DOUBLE EXTEND BEAUTY TUBES LASH EXTENSIONS- The extension tubes do work and makes your eyelashes very long with no clumping, very clever!  But, when you wash off the mascara the tubes tend to get all over your sink, and if you keep applying too many layers it will clump. It's worth it, if you don't mind the little mess it makes in your sink.



To help preserve your mascara longer, don't move the brush rapidly back and forth in the mascara container which many people do to catch more mascara on the brush, this drys out the mascara very quickly. Also, when mascara begins to clump this is usually a sign that it is old.