Think about all the gifts you've given your mother for Mother's Day (take a moment)... And ask yourself, what does your Mom expect as a gift for this Mother’s Day 2012? Of course, she doesn’t really expect anything -- just a little appreciation from her family or just some peace and quiet! But instead of a tacky card from the drug store (you're never too old to just make your own), or some random box of chocolates or flowers that say that you’re no more imaginative than Dad was at Valentine’s Day, why not get her one of the best cheap and wonderful Mother’s Day gifts around -- a Hello Kitty handbag, purse, wallet, laptop case, alarm clock, or other cool present. And the best part is that everywhere she goes she can brag that she has the best son or daughter on the planet, and this gift absolutely proves it. (If you are on a really tight budget, you can always pool your resources in your family with your brothers or sisters, and get your Mom, Ma, Mum, Mommy, Mummy, or Mother a gift to remember this year.) 

Finding Hello Kitty Bargains for Mother’s Day

Hello_Kitty_Umbrella_cheap_mothers_day_gift_ideasOf course maybe your Mom is too serious to ever wear a Hello Kitty t-shirt, or to ever need a Hello Kitty backpack -- but there are some other really fun, sweet, and cool Mother’s Day gifts you can get her for her favorite holiday (other than your birthday, of course!):

•A Hello Kitty Handbag makes a nice stylish gift. Since the newer models from Sanrio, Loungefly, and others are so cute and subtle -- this designer handbag might be the nicest gift of all. And since these bags come in such a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, you can definitely find something that she would use all the time. Some of the purses have an embossed and classy Hello Kitty design that's not entirelt obvious unless you're looking directly at the design. Other styles of these pocketbooks are more overt in their Kitty White branding. (In case you don't know, Kitty White is the cat and the beloved Sanrio character that inspires fun fashion all over the world.)

•Perhaps a Hello Kitty Umbrella in a subtle red color would be pretty nice, and that would give Mom just enough style to weather any storm. Maybe your mother could use a Hello Kitty Tote bag, which is a really useful item for shopping, yoga class, or just doing errands. These are so handy -- and stylish -- and it will be a conversation starter everywhere she goes. OK, what about the fashion demands of technology? How about a nice stylish laptop case for a trip to the coffee shop, like the Loungefly Hello Kitty Pink & Black Laptop Case?

•You could get her a fun Hello Kitty wallet or coin purse she could keep inside her pocketbook. This would give her the sassy fun feeling of this look, without changing her whole purse. Or how about a Hello Kitty Enamel Key Chain that can remind her of you every time she gets in the car, or comes through the front door? A Hello Kitty Alarm Clock is pretty cute and comes in a range of fun colors, although she might have her own preference for morning routine that might not accept any change!

•Hello Kitty Pens or Pencils are also a nice inexpensive way to introduce Kitty White into Mom’s world. When she’s at the bank, at the dining room table writing out bills, or doing a crossword puzzle in her favorite spot -- she’ll remember that you gave her a cute kitty present. This is a good gift from a young child who has limited funds and a miniscule allowance, but still wants to get Mom the Hello Kitty vibe. 

Why Choose Hello Kitty Gifts for Mother's Day?

So why would this be your best choice this year -- above all kinds of other gifts, fresh flowers, or some nice organic chocolate? (Well nothing's stopping you from putting a little chocolate inside her tote bag or purse - that'll be a hit! Start a new Mother's Day tradition sort of like Christmas stockings...)

Seriously, for your dear mother, Hello Kitty says cute, sassy, fun, and playful all in one cool present. Long before you were around Mom was a stylish beauty in her own right (and she still is, right!), and a gift like this reminds her that she’s still got it. And unlike a one shot gift - here's something she can enjoy all year round. Thanks Mom - for all your love, support, and all you do, and Happy Mother’s Day 2012 -- which is Sunday, May 13, 2012 this -- so really... what are you waiting for???