When it comes to building yourself an impressive sets of pecs, you need to do the best chest exercises that are going to hit your chest muscles from every angle. The best exercises for this are the flat bench press and the incline bench press. If you are lifting weights and not bench pressing then you are doing it all wrong. This exercise is so popular because it works.

When it comes to bench pressing, it is recommended that you complete the exercise using free weights and a bench. But because you will be lifting heavy, it's also recommended that you have a training partner with you to spot those last few reps. To build chest muscles you need to be training each set to failure and the only way to achieve this safely is by having someone with you when you are bench pressing. If you haven't got a training partner don't worry, you can still grow a big chest by using a chest press machine. This isn't as good as lifting free weights, but it still allows you to train hard and train to failure. To keep you energized during your weight training workouts its advised that you drink a shake made up of simple carbohydrates and whey protein powders. This will ensure that you are getting all the required nutrients when your body so desperately needs them.

best chest exercisesOne of the best whey protein powders on the market is Dymatize Elite whey protein, because its tastes fantastic and is so quick and easy to mix. Its also recommended that when you finish your workout that you drink another shake again. The flat bench press is excellent at adding shape and definition to the bottom and middle of your chest. But to add size to the upper part this is were the incline bench press comes into play.

When preforming this exercise you need to make sure that the bench is on a 45 degree incline and when you start lifting, always make sure that the bar touches your chest on the way down. You see too many people in the gym lifting more weight than they should be doing and only moving the bar down to around 6 inches from their chest. Don't let your ego and pride get in the way off your success. Lift a weight that you can use correct form on, what does it matter if that weight doesn't look as heavy as the guy who is doing it all wrong. By using the correct form and completing the best chest exercises you will quickly be on your way to growing a chest that you will be proud to show off on the beach and around the pool.

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