Best Egg Laying Hens

Many hen breeds produce adequate eggs for the home farmer. In fact you don't have to be a professional farmer to enjoy fresh oval shaped things you can eat. Most hens lay an average of one of those tasty white things per day. In the absence of a rooster to fertilize them, the eggs remain unfertilized and are excellent table fare. This article will explore six of the best egg laying hens available.

Most hens will lay eggs all year long, with some birds laying more or less at certain times of the year. Overall, most hens will lay at least 200 eggs each year. Raising and keeping chickens for the production of home-grown fresh eggs can be a fun, rewarding, and nutritious hobby.

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White Leghorn

The White Leghorn is a beautiful chicken that looks like the typical barnyard bird. However, the reality is that the White L.H. is a great egg layer. Most White Leghorn chickens lay about 220 of the oval shaped delights each year. They are easy to keep, and they enjoy security so they will almost always come home to roost well before dark. The White L.H. is a reliable chicken for producing eggs at home. 

Barred Rock

Known to be a sociable hen, the Barred Rock hen will consistently lay about 210 shelled nuggets per year. This chicken's eggs are large brown and consistently good. Barred Rock hens like to forage around and eat bugs and will be a helpful ally with regard to keeping your garden bug-free. 


The Ameraucana chickens lay beautiful colorful eggs that range from light blue, to grey, to green. Because of the colorful eggs, the Ameraucana hen is often called the Easter Egg Hen. They also lay a large amount of the round, edible decorations. (As many as three hundred in a year.)

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Black Sexlink

The Black Sexlink chicken is a cross between the Barred Rock and the Rhode Island Red. They produce about 250 of the oval shelled food per year and are known to be friendly and easy to maintain. The Black Sexlink lays brown shelled breakfast treats that are a favorite among home chicken farmers.

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California White

The California White hen is a high-quantiy producer that is capable of laying 300 of the round brown edible unfertilized shell items each year. The products created by the California White hen are large, white, and sturdy. They are a good breed to have if you would like to add white shells to your stable of brown shell producing chickens. 

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Red Sexlink

The Red Sexlink is the result of a hybrid of the Rhode Island Red and The Rhode Island White chickens. It is a very common chicken in the commercial poultry industry. This chicken lays about 250 brown oval shelled delicacies per year that are medium to large in size. 


There are a large number of chicken breeds that will produce eggs for the home farmer. Most chickens will lay their oval shaped shelled objects all year long, and give you at least 200 eggs each year per hen. Chickens can help rid the garden and lawn of bugs while giving you fresh eggs that are nutritious, healthful, and delicious.