Looking for the best children’s books about Easter?  Children love a good book and being read to so why not ready to them on Easter with a good Easter children’s book. These books are sure to help your child understand the meaning of Easter as well as provide them some fun stories with an Easter theme. The age group is listed along with the book so you can find a book suitable for your child.

Happy Easter, Curious George (Ages 3 and up)

Curious George is a monkey who loves adventure and in this book he pairs with the man in a yellow hat and go to the park on an Easter morning. George notices children in the park dying Easter eggs and he wants to join in on the fun. George enjoys playing with the colors and Easter egg patterns. A man misplaces the eggs they have all decorated and George decides to help out. George even goes after the lost Easter Bunny! This book comes with a fun sticker book for at home egg decorating. This is sure to please any young child and makes a great Easter book for children.

The Easter Story (Ages 2-5)

For families who want to read their children a story that is more religious in nature and teach them the full story of Easter then The Easter story is a suitable choice. This book explains the Easter event in a way that even young children can understand.  The book explains the story in a simple one sentence or two style per page so the young ones can follow along with you. This book talks about where Jesus lived, his miracles, and other important information about Easter.

Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter (Ages 4 and Up)

This book is written for girl’s ages 4 to 8 and follows Nancy as she celebrates the holiday. The book contains thirteen different flaps that children can reveal to see what’s underneath. This story is about Nancy and her family getting ready for Easter. Nancy and her best friend Bree help with the Easter decorations. This book doesn’t focus on religion but is instead just a fun Easter read. The book is full of colorful illustrations and details that make it a fun book for any young girl.

The Week That Led to Easter (Ages 5 and up)

This book tells Easter in a religious ways and retells the events of Palm Sunday through Easter Day. The book contains fun to read rhymes and illustrations. This book will capture the attention of your children and tell them stories based upon scripture. Children will find the book enjoyable and easy to remember too. This book is part of the Arch Book series on popular Bible stories.

Easter in Harwick (Thomas & Friends) Ages 3 and up

This book is perfect for young boys who love Thomas and trains. This book follows the children of Harwick and the great holiday egg hunt that can't come soon enough for them. When Terence loses the eggs in the countryside, it’s up to Thomas to deliver the children to Easter. This book contains short paragraphs per page that are easy to read and follow for young children along with colorful photographs.

The Biggest Easter Basket Ever (Ages 4 and up)

This book follows Mouseville as it prepares for a gala holiday celebration on the village green. The book features a biggest Easter basket contest and two mice learn a lesson in cooperation in this book. Town mouse Clayton and country mouse Desmond work together in the book as they learn their lesson in cooperation. This book would make a great gift in an Easter basket and a nice read for any young child at Easter.

Great Children's Books About Easter

Children would love any of these great books about Easter. You'll find hundreds of fine book on the Easter holiday and many of them can be purchased online through places such as Amazon or other retailers. A book always makes a lasting impression and it's these stories that leave a positive mark on a child for years to come. These make great alternatives to just toys or chocolate during the Easter holida and make great companions for a basket.