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wide variety of dishes to choose from

fresh, tasty food to suit all palates

convenient Times Square/Theater District NYC location

friendly helpful waitstaff


can be a bit crowded

not the best place if you have peanut or sesame seed allergies

Full Review

If you are looking for some of the best Chinese restaurants in Times Square NYC, Ruby Foo's is a must-have experience.

On the corner of Broadway/49th St., Ruby Foo's is in a convenient location close to the N/Q/R trains, and the C/E trains.

One of the best things about this restaurant is that you can have a different experience every time. As described at the restaurant's website, "Ruby Foo's is a boisterous theme park of Pan-Asian food, as big and bold as its broadway neighborhood."

I've visited Times Square's Ruby Foos and have been pleased every time. The hostess was friendly and welcoming, as was the waiter. Before we sat down, he gave us a brief history of the NYC restaurant and a description of the menu's offerings.

Between our table, we split a Crabmeat California Sushi Roll, several other rolls, a scallion pancake, an order of Gyoza, a salmon, and their signature Kung Pao chicken. And because of the full bar, I had no problem ordering any kind of specialty drinks.

The chefs at Ruby Foo's know how to create art out of food. Their entrees, sauces, and garnishes are immaculately laid out on the dishes to show a signature touch. What I liked about this place is that unlike many other New York restaurants, the portions were appropriately sized. That way, I was able to order a variety of small dishes instead of having to stick to just one large one.

The food was fantastic and satisfying. Each dish had a distinctive flavor. The gyoza had just the right consistency and the sushi rolls were quite fresh. Their kung pao chicken is also a must-have experience.

The wait staff was very friendly and attentive, always ready if we needed anything. Towards the end of the meal, we were quite full and told the waiter that we would not be needing any dessert. A few minutes later, he came out with an extravagant dessert that looked to be like ice-cream sandwich wheels. He informed us that the dessert was on the house! (I'm sure this does not happen on a regular basis. He was very likely trying to prove a point--that we would have been missing out by not ordering dessert).

Ruby Foo's seems to attract a wide variety of clientele. I've seen large groups of Japanese tourists, tourists from all over the world, small groups, couples on dates, and friends just enjoying a nice meal. This Times Square restaurant also attracts the theater crowd.

I was surprised that the prices were quite reasonable, especially given the neighborhood. Of course, the waiter did get a nice tip from us.

In Closing

Ruby Foo's is a fun, eclectic restaurant where you can have a different experience each time. You can sit at one of their large tables, at the sushi bar couter, or at the bar. The menu is always changing, with a wide variety of choices to suit all palates. Whether you are on your way to the theater, on a date, or dining with friends, you will enjoy your experience at Ruby Foo's.